Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Pictures from Acadia and Bar Harbor

Topsham, Maine High 81 Low 59

We planned on driving to Topsham, where we will be boondocking. The drive was pleasant enough except every little town we went through seemed to have a swap meet going on, and one of them had a 4 mile back-up because of cars and trucks waiting for people crossing the road.

We had so many pictures of Acadia and Bar Harbor that I decided to post some more. There is a lot of scenery to see, and we missed a lot of it because we were so tired, but first some pictures from the RV Park we are in.

 This semi is for the kids to pretend they are driving a big truck.
It is a nice RV Park with lots of beautiful scenery around the lake.
The following are more of Acadia, Bar Harbor, and the drive back to Ellsworth.

Looking down the main street in Bar Harbor.

 There was every kind of tourist store in Bar harbor.

Horse drawn carriage ride in Bar Harbor.
The storm clouds had started to move in.

 I'm not sure, but I think all the white spots are the buoys for the lobster traps.

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