Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Drive to Topsham

Topsham, Maine High   Low

I talked briefly about our drive to Topsham yesterday.

We crossed, what we thought was an interesting bridge, close to Fort Knox, in Prospect, Maine. We could see the old Revolutionary War Fort, but didn't have anywhere to stop for pictures.

We both thought the bridge was interesting, and we can make out a small portion of the Fort from the the bridge.

I mentioned all the swap meets going on and there were people everywhere. The town that had the traffic jam had one going on. The direction we were going was backed up for about a mile and a half, while the other direction was backed up at least 4 miles. I was sure glad I was going south and not north. As it was, it took us half an hour to get through the town.
This is the town across the river from the Fort.

Lots of people moving around.

We saw a lot of old homes, but weren't able to get pictures. We wanted to try another lobster roll, but couldn't find any place to stop that had room for us, so we had to pass. We did buy some cooked lobster at a seafood store. It was a bit pricey, but we have enough for several lobster rolls.

Tomorrow we leave for a different park in New Hampshire using Coast to Coast.

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  1. Look at all that traffic! Glad it was you driving through it and not us. That bridge really is neat.

  2. Traffic! Why is there so much of in the East? It was bumper to bumper on the interstate from Cincinnati to Lima.