Saturday, August 2, 2014

Land Transportation Museum

Land Transportation  
Carmel, Maine High 77 Low 55

Today we went to Bangor to do a little shopping and to go to the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

After the shopping we went to get a lobster roll at one of the local restaurants. It was very good and the onion rings were also very good.

After lunch, we went to the transportation museum. There is every type of transportation imaginable. They claim to have the largest collection of snow plows anywhere. They started out as horse drawn plows. They had a large snow roller, which after using it, the officials did not like because at the end of the winter dynamite had to be used to get rid of the compressed snow. The thought was that cars could drive on the compressed snow, while it would have to be plowed otherwise.

We also saw some Model T Fords that had been converted to other uses than originally intended. One had been converted to a snow mobile and another to a tractor. We watched a short video about the tractor conversion. A conversion kit was available from Sears for $99.00.

We also got to see some old gas pumps with the price of fuel at the time. The one for 16.9 cents per gallon including all taxes was from the 1920’s. There was another from the early 1960’s with a 34.9 cent price on it.

We liked these old motorcycles, and especially the BMW Motorcycle.

We saw and old tent RV Made in 1925. We got to see what looked like a truck camper built on the back of an army truck. It had Florida plates, and was gone when we got through with our visit.

We also saw a lot of old vehicles and Cindy got to sit in this old Reo.

There was also a room full of war memorabilia, but I will wait till tomorrow to show more of the displays, with the exception of this Nazi banner, which we have never seen before. It was only about 12” by 8”. It was behind glass, and because of the glare, the picture didn't come out the best.

Thanks for visiting.  

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  1. I love museums that are a little different. I'll add this one to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.