Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Staying Busy and Enjoying The Weather

 Yuma, Arizona          High 75 Low 48

It has been very pleasant here for the last while. Today isn't quite as warm as some other days but we have had no wind today.

Last week I went to San Luis to go to the dentist in Mexico, Dr. Bernal, that Sandie had recommended. The first day I went, he got my teeth ready for 3 crowns and a three tooth bridge (yes, my teeth were terrible). When I got ready to come back into the USA, there wasn't any line. I could walk straight through. The second day more than made up for the easy time the first time. When I got to the parking lot the lady told me the border was closed, so I backed up and went to check it out. By the time I got to where people and cars entered Mexico, there was a large crowd going into Mexico and the cars were backed up for about 3 blocks moving slowly. The police were leaving the blocked road. So I went and parked and walked into Mexico. By the way, all the people I saw in Mexico were wearing masks, even those walking along the sidewalks, so I felt good about going. They are a lot better about wearing masks than people I have seen at the local Walmart.

Dr. Bernal fitted the teeth and I was on my way by 11:00. It took less than an hour. from the price I was quoted in Utah, it saved me over $6000.00 dollars to go to Mexico. 

When I went to leave Mexico, the line to go to the USA was very long. It took almost 2 hours to get through security, so it more than made up for the easy time I had the day before. I can only think that because the border was closed, all the people leaving were very late getting into Arizona.

For entertainment Cindy and I look at some of the open houses in our Park. In the one we looked at, we saw a lamp that we would like to have to replace the ultra-modern floor lamp we have.

I also got a picture of a sunset looking past our clubhouse. Arizona sunsets seem to be pretty spectacular.

Cindy saw a use for an old lamp we have back in Utah with the glass sides broken out. She thinks the small cactuses look nice.

We signed up with the Regional Hospital for the covid vaccination. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes to sign up last Thursday and we were told that they would notify us when we could get the shot, but probably about the 25th of this month. Last night I got a call telling us we could go in today at 8:40. and to be there 10 minutes prior. When we got there there was a line but the people were divided up into appointment times. It didn't take very long to get our vaccination. They asked us to wait 15 minutes to make sure we had no problems and during that time they helped us sign up for text notifications for the second shot. Neither of us have had any adverse reactions to the shot. 

Of course Cindy has been busy quilting and thanks to Nancy with some of her blue scraps, we think this quilt turned out nice. I'm sure Nancy can recognize some of it.

Life is good.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Lots of Rain and Penny is My Buddy Again

 Yuma, Arizona         High 57 Low 43

Yesterday it rained hard for most of the morning. It is as much rain as I have seen since we have been in Yuma. Then it got very windy and cold. It has been cold all day. All the retention ponds in our Park got full of water but today there is only one with any water left. The people that live next to it say they have river view property.

After Nancy left, Penny wants to sit on somebody's lap, usually mine. So I guess Penny and I are still friends.

We have been busy working on quilts and Cindy finish one large quilt. She has another one almost finished.

Cindy tells me that she wants to be sure I can stay busy when we get back to Utah. From the pictures, you can tell Cindy likes scrappy quilts, most of which are king size.

Meanwhile we have mostly been staying home. There is not a lot going on here in our Park.

We do get out and walk a lot more here than back in Utah.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Penny Is A Traitor

 Yuma, Arizona       High 81 Low 57

It is way warmer than Utah. We have been here a week and have worked hard every day. Lots of bushes and palm trees to trim, weeds to pick and we had to repot some small palm trees. We did loose some plants over the summer. One of our friends cleaned up some of our patio. We were very grateful for what they did for us.

Nancy Kissack made it to our park yesterday. She brought some fabric scraps for Cindy, Which delighted Cindy. After Nancy left, she spent 2 hours looking and sorting through what she brought to her. While Nancy was here Penny climbed up onto her lap and went to sleep. Since Penny never does that, I thought she was a little traitor.

Today we went to Mexico with Nancy to get Cindy's meds. After the trip to Algodones, we went to the Arizona Market. They both bought fabric. It is one of our favorite fabric stores. 

One day when I took Penny to the grass, I saw a road runner stretched out on the grass. I thought maybe it was hurt, but as soon as I got too close it got up and ran off. Maybe it was just stetching in the warm spot on the grass. 

At the Arizona Market there was a large ship that we haven't seen there before. We have no idea why it is there.

We did find out it was made of Styrofoam.

Right now we still don't know if we will be able to stay here very long. Our granddaughter has a spinal tap scheduled for tomorrow and we hope they find out what is going on with her. 

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Monday, January 4, 2021


 Riverton, Utah          High 41 Low 30

It is a lot (for here) warmer. It is the warm ahead of the next storm. 

Poor Penny has had her jacket on every time she has gone out since her haircut and she wants to be under the covers at night a lot more than before the haircut. We went for a short walk this afternoon. there was enough wind to make it a little uncomfortable so we made it a short one. Penny is always ready to go for a walk and when it was 19 degrees I didn't feel like going. Yesterday there wasn't any wind and it was mid 30s so went went for a fairly long walk. 

We have been busy getting finished up before our trip south. We have both been busy, Cindy getting her blocks ready to make another quilt, me, busy quilting. 

The first one is one I finished last week.

This pattern is one we haven't used before. It was designed as a block, but we both like how the four blocks fit together. 

The next quilt is one we bought as a kit, probably 2 years ago. I saw it and liked the quilt they had, other than they did an overall quilt pattern on it. Cindy gave it to me to quilt and told me to do with it what I felt was best. I told her I thought an overall would not do it justice, so I played with the patterns. I think it turned out nice.

It's easier to see the different patterns by looking at the back.

Cindy did tell me that we bought extra material to make the quilt into a king size instead of the full that came with the kit. For you quilters, it took almost 10 yards for the back to do the quilting. That is a lot of material! 

I hope 2021 brings better times than 2020.

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

Riverton, Utah          High 34 Low 21

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I'm hoping next year is better than the last one has been!

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Star and Another Quilt

 Riverton, Utah       High 32 Low 18

It has been snowing slightly all day. There isn't much accumulation. It has been really cold.

We went out to where there weren't any houses and on about the only clear night, we got to see the convergence of Jupiter and Neptune, the Christmas Star. I got a few pictures but they aren't blown up like some we have seen. 

It was worth seeing.

Penny got a haircut today in preparation for going south. The only glitch is that we may not get to go now because of a serious  health problem with one of our grand-daughters. We planned on leaving Wednesday but won't know either way until tomorrow when she goes and see the Doctor.

Sorry that the pictures of Penny are fuzzy, but she wouldn't hold still to have her picture taken.

The following are pictures of one of the quilts I finished. I like the way it turned out.

It took some planning to get the ovals to line up right. We both like the end result.

On Christmas day we had a zoom meeting with my kids and some of the grandkids. We gave my daughter, that lives nearby, a quilt. She sowed it off on the zoom, and my other daughter told me that she broke down and cried after I left the meeting because she was so glad to get it. 

As for going to Yuma, I'm afraid family comes first and we shall see what tomorrow brings.

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Almost Christmas

 Riverton, Utah       High 39 Low 28

It is still cold today but not as cold as it has been.

We have had some snow but most of it has melted. The weather guessers say we have several big snow storms headed our way.

We have been reluctant to have Penny's hair cut as she gets so cold. She is scheduled for a hair cut the Monday after Christmas and she should look a lot better. One day she stayed out way longer than usual and when she came in, she shivered for a long time and wanted to be held. This lasted for the rest of the day and we think she got hypothermia. The next day she was back to being herself and we have watched more carefully how long she gets to stay out.

This is the shaggiest Penny has ever been.

Cindy's two Christmas cactuses are in full bloom and look nice.


We both have been busy with quilts. Cindy making them and me quilting. I have one customer that brought two quilts for me to do so she could get them out for Christmas presents. 

We make some Christmas present deliveries yesterday, one of which was to Provo for two great grandsons.

I filled the car with gas yesterday and it has been a month almost to the day since it was last filled and it took 14 gallons. You can see how little we have been driving. Cindy says we will make up for it when we go to Yuma, which we still plan on after Christmas. Not sure exactly which day because of not sure of weather conditions.

Now more quilt pictures, I hope you are not getting tired of seeing what we have been doing.

Cindy keeps telling me that it takes her a lot longer to make a quilt than it does for me to quilt but this one took me way longer to quilt. 

I had to design some of the patterns so the machine could do the sewing.

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