Saturday, May 15, 2021

I Finished a Special Quilt and Watch Dog Penny

 Riverton, Utah       High 79 Low 54

The last few days the weather here has been very delightful.

Cindy read on one of the quilting blogs about placing a quilt on a coffin instead of flowers. The idea is that someone can take the quilt with them when the service is over and it will last a lot longer than flowers. Cindy thinks flowers for a coffin are a big waste of money that she doesn't want the family to have to spend. She calls it a coffin quilt and decided to make one for her and I. Mine has been finished for a few years and she fell in love with the Hoffman Dream Big panel and decided to use it for hers. I finished quilting it and now both of us has a coffin quilt. Hopefully it will be many years before they get used.

Here are some pictures of her quilt.

We both think it turned out nice. It took a while to quilt and I am pleased with the final result.

For the last while, Penny spends every evening sitting on some of our dining room chairs keeping watch for the evil neighborhood cats. She thinks she has to protect us from them. A few times they have come onto our front porch and she goes berserk, barking and trying to get to them. I wouldn't be surprised if the cats come onto the porch just to bother her. They are bigger than she is and I'm sure if it came down to it, and she confronted them, she would get the worst of it. They even come into our back yard and she has to try to get rid of them. Every once in a while, she goes barking out the door into the back yard and spends a while trying to get rid of them. Personally, I don't mind having the cats around to keep any mice away. 

One night at about 3:00 AM, she started to bark and carry on and wanted to go out. She sleeps with us, and of course, woke us up.  I checked the camera the next day and sure enough, there were pictures of a cat on our lower patio. I don't know how she  could tell it was there unless she can smell them. The window was open that night.

She spends hours on watch dog duty every evening. Cindy put towels on the chairs because Penny spends so much time on them. Funny little dog. She weighs 6 1/2 pounds and the cats I have seen are at least 10 pounds.

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

We Have Still Been Busy

Riverton, Utah        High 57 Low 36

It has been a lot cooler for a few days than is usual. It went from record highs to abnormal lows. It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week.

About the middle of April, I went to see a dermatologist to see about some spots on my face and head. I ended up getting half a dozen spots frozen off which I was told were pre-melanoma, so it was good that I went. The dermatologist told me that I needed to start wearing a hat outside that would protect my ears and the top of my head.

Last January before we went to Yuma, I fell on the ice and landed on my shoulder. It didn't seem to get much better, so I finally went to see a doctor about it and ended up getting some cortisone shots, which seem to be a large improvement so far.

Cindy has been busy getting the yard ready to plant, but so far it has been a little cool to plant some of the plants. She has a lot of them in containers inside and will plant them as soon as it warms up.

She also has been busy making more quilts for me to quilt. She tells me that I need to stay busy. 

In between Doctors visits and quilting, I had to work on our fifth wheel. When we were coming back from Yuma with it last summer, the brakes quit working so we drove more than half way home without trailer brakes. I finally decided to fix them. It took almost a quart of brake fluid to finally get a leak from the cover on the bottom. I put disc brakes on it a few years ago and found that one of the brake lines had rusted enough to leak. This time I put all the lines inside the cover through a silicon hose and sealed the end with caulk where they came out of the cover, so they shouldn't rust again. Now we just need time to go somewhere with it.

I also had a roofer repair the shingles on our gazebo. I thought some had blown off, but 20 years of sun on the south side had taken it's toll and they some were just worn out. It only took one bundle of shingles to do the repair and it was good to get it fixed.   

I have been busy in between doing a lot of quilting. My customer had one of her friends bring a quilt to me and says she is really happy about how it turned out. It was the first quilt she had anyone quilt for her. 

Last Wednesday I went to a class on quilting a panel called Dream Big, which has 57 different patterns to quilt the panel, which doesn't count the ones for the rest of the quilt. I haven't finish the quilt, but Cindy is pleased with the way it is turning out so far. 

This is the one we did in class. Cindy's is a different color.

I have some pictures of some of the quilts I have finished and hope you don't get too tired of seeing them.

Cindy let me pick the patterns on this quilt and I think I found patterns that fit the blocks pretty well. 

The next one I used a new, to us, border pattern that I think turned out nice.

This is a baby quilt with a pattern called I Love Cats, which has cats and hearts.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What Have We Been Up To?

Riverton, Utah       High 55 Low 37

It's still been a bit cool but is forecast to warm up later in the week.

Cindy has been busy with her yard and in between quilting. She seems to over-do and ends up with a back ache most night. Partly because of this and just because, we decided to get our hot tub going. We haven't had any water in it for about 10 years because kids don't know how to shower before they got in and it got so dirty we decided not to use it. But now that we are empty nesters, we felt like it was time to get it going. There were a couple of problems however. The first was that one of the two pumps wouldn't go. the second was that lots of crud had lined the circulating pipes from not being used. I could have had the Spa Place fix it but decided to try to get the pump going myself.

This is the pump and motor. The round hole at the left center is where I tried to turn it before I took it out. When I check the price of a new one it was going to cost about $500. dollars and that was part of trying to free it up myself.

It was a lot of work to get the pump out because it is bolted down with 4 bolts, two of which are buried by one of the 2 inch flex pipes on the inside of the motor. After playing with it for about two hours, I finally got the last two nuts off and could finally get the pump out. The two nuts are not getting replaced. I had tried to turn the pump with the inlet taken off but it wouldn't turn and that's why I had to remove it. I debated on buying a new pump and motor but finally decided to tear it apart. I couldn't get the pump off the motor but the end plate on the motor would turn so I knew it was the pump frozen up. I finally grabbed the armature in my hands and held the pump housing with my knees and it finally turned. I oiled the pump and when I put it back together and turned it on, it ran, although a little noisy at first so I felt I could put it back together. After getting everything together and filling the pump, a lot of dirty scum came out so I had to drain all the water out, change the filter and clean the Spa very well. Fortunately on filling it the second time, very little dirt came out which I was able to syphon out. 

We tried the Spa out last night and it felt wonderful. 

While Cindy was outside, she noticed the roof of our gazebo looked like a shingle was missing. After I check it out, the 20 years it has been up took its toll on the South side shingles, and some of them will have to be replaced.

I got some pictures of  some of the flowers that Cindy wanted to get home to see.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Back in Utah

 Riverton, Utah   High 63 Low 34

We drove back to Utah from Yuma on the first of April. I don't know if it was because it was Easter weekend, but we had almost 700 miles of lots of traffic with more police than I ever remember. Las Vegas was especially bad. We did have nice weather all the way with only a little wind. 

For the first time, the border check station south of Quartzsite was closed and the news keeps telling about all the immigration at the Mexico border.

It has been a little cool here with quite a bit of wind. It even snowed one morning but it all melted by noon. 

I needed to get back to do some quilting for my only customer. She had three quilts for me to do. I got those finished and have started on Cindy's quilts.

I felt like I needed to see a dermatologist to look at some spots on my head and when he checked me out, he told me that some were pre-melanoma and used liquid nitrogen to freeze them off. He did suggest that I wear a hat more when I'm outside in the sun.

Our quilt store told us that batting was scheduled to get a price increase, so I bought enough to last me a while. 

Cindy has been making more quilts and doing lots of yard work. She still over-does and ends up with her back hurting every night. She has started planting flowers and getting the garden ready. My daughter Paula is supposed to come out this afternoon to help Cindy plan the garden. She also wants to plant some things.

One reason Cindy wanted to come back so soon was to see her Daffodils which we haven't been able to see for a while. She got to see a lot of them this time.

We still don't know if we are going to do any traveling this summer but Linda, Cindy's sister, has said she would like to see Olympic National Park in Washington. We haven't seen it either and think it would make a good trip. We're not sure what there is to see and do there and I'm sure Linda will research it. We all like the coast. We were close to the Park once but didn't make it there. I still need to work on the trailer brakes. 

We went to our first yard sale yesterday and Cindy found some material for a good price. She got about 5 yards for $3.00. We also found a few other things that we didn't know we needed.  

Sorry, no pictures this time.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Nice Weather and More Quilts

 Yuma, Arizona          High 84 Low 52

We have had nice weather for the most part. It was windy a couple of days but has been fairly warm.

We got our second virus shot a week and a half ago. Hopefully we won't catch the virus. I really want things to get back to normal, that is no more masks or all the deaths from the virus. We both were tired and cold the evening we got the shot and didn't feel exactly right the next day, but the next morning we both were okay and haven't had any problems since.

We noticed that Penny had one of her eyes stuck shut and had to wash it out several times. During one of the washes, I got a small piece of dried leaf. She has been doing a lot better since we got the leaf out. I guess when your only 6 inches from the ground, the wind must have blown dirt and the piece of leaf into her eye. 

We went to a yard sale a while ago and Cindy was able to get two bags stuffed with scrap material for a dollar each. At the same yard sale, actually an estate sale, there was a brand new Accuquilt Go with several long dies. They normally sell for about $400.00 for the Go and the dies we got sale for about $100 dollars each. There were four dies. We haven't bought one because of the price, but Cindy asked how much they wanted and was told $10.00. Sold! Since, we have made some squares with it, and it sure makes it a lot easier to cut out the squares. Cindy says I seem to have taken over the machine. It is a hand operated model, but I really like using it.

This is one of the blocks we made using it.

We are looking to go back to Utah around the first of April, but it will depend on the weather.

Cindy counted how many quilts she has made since we have been here and says seven. Pretty good considering we have only been here 2 1/2 months. 

Here are some of the finished quilts:

The first one was on an earlier post but without the outer border. 

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

March Already

 Yuma, Arizona             High  Low 52

Todays weather is pretty much what we've had for a little while. It is supposed to get windy and cooler later in the week but still a lot warmer than the frozen north.

Penny was due for her kennel cough shot so we took her to the vet. They check her over and found sore gums and recommended we get her teeth cleaned. So two days later we had to take her to the vet fairly early in the morning and the moon looked huge. I got a picture but we didn't have anywhere to pull over so it's not the best.

The moon is the large circle above the palm to the left of the sign. It looked a lot better in person.

When we got Penny back home, she was pretty out of it for a while, as they had to put her out to clean her teeth, We felt it was better than if she lost any more teeth. 

The next picture is how we feel the whole last year and start of this year have gone.

I have been playing shuffleboard three times a week. We don't have near as many people playing but of course there are very few Canadians here so I guess it's to be expected. I think the most players we've had is 20 when in a normal year there are usually 32 or more. Last Friday we only had 8 players. We were playing every other court with everyone wearing masks, but this last week we went to two empty courts between used courts so we could be further apart and not wear masks when  we shot if the person desired.

I enjoy playing shuffleboard for the 2 hours it takes.

Cindy still is busy with making quilts. 

We left for a while one day and we have a Roomba which does a good job vacuuming, but it got hold of one of Cindy's thread spools and wrapped itself with blue thread. It took me a while to get it all cut off. 

To give some idea of how much tread it wound up, the spoon by the pile is a large serving spoon. Roomba almost emptied the spool of thread. I'm sure if we hadn't got home when we did, it would have emptied the spool. 

We still don't have our second virus vaccination but should be able to get it soon.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Staying Busy and Enjoying The Weather

 Yuma, Arizona          High 75 Low 48

It has been very pleasant here for the last while. Today isn't quite as warm as some other days but we have had no wind today.

Last week I went to San Luis to go to the dentist in Mexico, Dr. Bernal, that Sandie had recommended. The first day I went, he got my teeth ready for 3 crowns and a three tooth bridge (yes, my teeth were terrible). When I got ready to come back into the USA, there wasn't any line. I could walk straight through. The second day more than made up for the easy time the first time. When I got to the parking lot the lady told me the border was closed, so I backed up and went to check it out. By the time I got to where people and cars entered Mexico, there was a large crowd going into Mexico and the cars were backed up for about 3 blocks moving slowly. The police were leaving the blocked road. So I went and parked and walked into Mexico. By the way, all the people I saw in Mexico were wearing masks, even those walking along the sidewalks, so I felt good about going. They are a lot better about wearing masks than people I have seen at the local Walmart.

Dr. Bernal fitted the teeth and I was on my way by 11:00. It took less than an hour. from the price I was quoted in Utah, it saved me over $6000.00 dollars to go to Mexico. 

When I went to leave Mexico, the line to go to the USA was very long. It took almost 2 hours to get through security, so it more than made up for the easy time I had the day before. I can only think that because the border was closed, all the people leaving were very late getting into Arizona.

For entertainment Cindy and I look at some of the open houses in our Park. In the one we looked at, we saw a lamp that we would like to have to replace the ultra-modern floor lamp we have.

I also got a picture of a sunset looking past our clubhouse. Arizona sunsets seem to be pretty spectacular.

Cindy saw a use for an old lamp we have back in Utah with the glass sides broken out. She thinks the small cactuses look nice.

We signed up with the Regional Hospital for the covid vaccination. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes to sign up last Thursday and we were told that they would notify us when we could get the shot, but probably about the 25th of this month. Last night I got a call telling us we could go in today at 8:40. and to be there 10 minutes prior. When we got there there was a line but the people were divided up into appointment times. It didn't take very long to get our vaccination. They asked us to wait 15 minutes to make sure we had no problems and during that time they helped us sign up for text notifications for the second shot. Neither of us have had any adverse reactions to the shot. 

Of course Cindy has been busy quilting and thanks to Nancy with some of her blue scraps, we think this quilt turned out nice. I'm sure Nancy can recognize some of it.

Life is good.

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