Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Shot In The Knee and Quilt Show

 Riverton, Utah        High 61 Low 39

The weather has been unusually cool with some rain. Usually by now it is starting to get warmer. It really has slowed down Cindy's garden.

I went into the Doctors office  and got 3 shots in my knee. The needles looked to be about 10 inches long, but really weren't that long. They did hurt and I am sure that one of they was filled with caffeine because I don't think I slept at all the night following the shots. I didn't notice much improvement to how my leg felt for about 4 days and even now, a week later, while it feels a lot better, still isn't 100%. 

Last Thursday we went to the Salt Lake Quilt Show. They had some nice quilts but we were really disappointed in the number of quilts on display. It seems like the Show has got a lot more for the vendors and not so much for the quilts on display.

I have too many pictures for this post, so I will wait and put more on next time.

I have been working on the yard and finish painting our grape arbor today. I also have finished two more of Cindy's quilts. 

Yes, she does like her scrappy quilts.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

More Quilts And Getting Ready For Hot Weather

 Riverton, Utah           High 73 Low 50

It has been pleasant temperatures lately. We found out the hard way that the raspberries don't like the really hot weather. I read that it is the UV that does them in, so we made a PVC frame with a mesh cover to cut down on the harmful sun rays. By the time we got it in last year, we had lost a lot of our plants so today I put the frame together.

I will get the mesh on in the next few days.

I worked on a quilt for a customer that I am about sorry I agreed to do. Her mother had traced a pattern on tricot fabric. She also used tricot for the back. The problem is that the material stretches a lot in one direction. I had to load it so the stretch was sideways and not up and down. It was still terrible to put on my machine, and then I had to be careful not to stretch the sides. She told me that her mother had worked on it a long time ago and I think her mother had been gone for at least 8 years. She wanted it for her grand-daughter's wedding.

This is one quilt I'm glad to have finished.

I also did another Halloween quilt which is identical to the other two Cindy made, so I won't put pictures of it on this post.

Tomorrow I go to the Doctor about my knee problem again. He said he could put a shot in the knee area which will stop the pain for a while. I know I'm tired of having to use a cane to walk, and besides, Penny has missed her afternoon walks. The Doctor told me that the x-rays didn't indicate surgery at this time.

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Sunday, May 5, 2024

One More Quilt and The Awful Four Letter Word

 Riverton, Utah          High 65 Low 35

The weather guessers right now are saying light rain showers, but right now the rain looks awfully white and is piled up on our lawn to about an inch.

If you think this looks more like snow than rain, you would be right. I just looked at the weather forecast and it still says rain. Cindy is afraid that the plants that were coming up will probably die. It sure looks like the weathers guessers got it wrong this time. If anything the snow is coming down with more flakes.

I did get another Halloween quilt finished. It looks the same as the last one with a different back.

This coming week I have a medical procedure coming up that I'm really not looking forward to. I will leave it to you to guess what it is, but it involves Miralax and Dulcolax. This takes place next Wednesday.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Busy Working and More Quilts

 Riverton, Utah              High 62 Low 37

It is supposed to be quite a bit cooler for the next few days even getting down to almost freezing, according to the weather guessers.

I did find some pictures of our friends on Price is Right.

They are the ones in the middle, left side, he has a red shirt and hers' is pink. They did tell us it was fun even though they didn't get picked to play.

I hurt my leg somehow about 6 weeks ago and it has been getting worse, so I finally went to the Doctor and got x-rays. Tomorrow, hopefully, I find out what the x-rays show.

Meanwhile, we have been busy getting the yard in order, Cindy, getting flower pots put out and getting the garden ready, While I have started to try to finish painting our grape arbor. So far it looks a lot better, but I still have more to do. 

Cindy has also been busy making quilts. So far she has made two and she's afraid I'm not going to get them all quilted. I did quilt two smaller quilts.

I was trying to show the Halloween pattern on the quilting.

The next quilt is a small Disney quilt with mostly Minnie Mouse.

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Monday, April 22, 2024

Back In Utah

 Riverton, Utah              High 71 Low 49

It is nice during the day and I haven't noticed it being too cool at night.

We left Yuma Friday, which was a day sooner than we originally planned, but we had things ready and decided we might as well make the journey. It took us almost 12 hours to the minute with stops which is a little bit longer than the GPS says. Our new car is getting more than 30 miles per gallon. 

We brought back way more fabric than we normally do, but when we can buy sale fabric that is normally on sale for $6.00 per yard for 5, how can we possibly resist, after all, can you ever have too much fabric. The fabric store at the Arizona Market had their last weekend of the year sale and all sale fabric was $1.00 off whatever it was marked. We even found a few pieces that were marked $5 and we got it for $4. I'm fairly sure that Cindy and I are among their best customers. 

We have been really busy getting everything put away, and I have various appointments almost every day this week, including one for Penny at her all time favorite place, the veterinarian.

Among the appointments, I get to go to the doctor to see what I did to my leg about 2 weeks ago. I thought I had just twisted my leg wrong, but it has seemed to be getting worse, so I thought I better see a doctor to see if they can tell me what is wrong.

We had some friends in our Park in Yuma that got tickets to the Price is Right about six weeks ago. They were not picked but were in the audience, and were scheduled to air on the 22nd. We got to see them in the audience briefly and it was fun watching them. Although they weren't picked to play, they were glad to have got to go and said the whole audience was treated very nice. They told us that they had a lot of fun going to the show in California.

Sorry no pictures again.

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Monday, April 15, 2024

About Time To Go Back To Utah

Yuma, Arizona         High 81 Low 51

Several days last week the temperature got into the upper 90's. And we have had wind almost every other day. A big wind storm came in Friday afternoon that cooled it off to the low 70's Saturday and Sunday.

We have a lot to do when we get back to Utah, so we are probably going to head north this coming Saturday.

A lot of people have left for cooler climate already. I have been playing shuffleboard a lot and the numbers are way down. Wednesday will probably be our last day.

Yesterday the whole Park was invited to someone's new (to them) house for pizza and goodies.

Sorry, no pictures.

Then last night we were invited to some friends from the small dog park for cookies and drinks. We had a good turn-out for it. The dogs were all invited also. The wind was blowing, and since it was outside, we started to get cold.

We are slowly getting our home here ready to leave.

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Monday, April 8, 2024


Yuma, Arizona            High 78 Low 51

The weather today was great. It is supposed to get to 96 by Thursday, according to the weather guessers.

Today the whole Park was invited to a pot luck at the home one of the residents. I think most of those still here went to it. There was a telescope set up with a connection to a laptop. Glasses were also provided.

Notice the sun spot in the next photo.

Yuma only had 67% coverage, so the picture above is all we got to see.

The picture above is one of the total eclipse taken from the web.

We had lots of food and it was interesting to see even a partial eclipse.

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