Sunday, March 26, 2023

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

 Yuma, Arizona        High 74 Low 49

The weather here has been delightful, warm, not too hot, and very little wind. This is unlike back in Utah, rain and snow at least every other day, if not daily and highs in the thirties.

The other night we has a volunteer appreciation dinner for all the people in the Park that volunteered in any way. This years dinner was way better than in the past. We had Snow-crab legs, Prime steak bits, lots of salads, and great deserts.

Afterward, there was a singer to entertain us that did a great job.

Unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying the food and entertainment to take many pictures.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Show And Tell

 Yuma, Arizona        High 73 Low 49

The weather this week has been really nice with the only exception of wind one night.

We got together with some of the Park residents for a Show and Tell. There are many talented people. Of course, there were more quilts than anything. There was a wood worker that made wooden stars using all hand tools. One made pictures using pieces of yarn. 

There was a 3D printer that made things using plastic spools that look like thick wire. It used a computer that moves the twin heads, melting the plastic into different shapes.

One person had a pair of goggles that you put on. He could then have it look like you were anywhere in the world, even on a roller coaster (which I didn't try).

Another had what looked like a race track that you could move like you were driving a race car.

There were pottery people, card makers, doily makers and lots of quilts. 

I got lots of pictures.

We didn't have much notice but we had a good turn-out of both participants and visitors, so we probably will do it again next year.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Canada Day Parade

 Yuma, Arizona         High 80 Low 57

It is still warm here but wind predicted for today. We sure seem to have a lot of wind this year. With it comes lots of dust and sand off the desert.

Our Park had a Canada Day Parade. There are a lot of Canadians in our Park, so this was nice to honor them. I'm not sure whether all the provinces were represented. I got lots of pictures of the decorated Golf carts.

Two of our neighbors are Canadian and they were in the Parade. I think they had a good turn out and it was a nice day for the parade.

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