Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Windy Day

The Q Casino    High 72 Low 48

This was supposed to take until the 13th
Today we decided to just hang out. Even though it was fairly warm, the wind blew all day and it felt kind of chilly most of the day. I know you people up North feel sorry for us, back home it was about 30 degrees. Cindy wanted to just sew most of the day and got all the pieces of the kit she bought Saturday put together, and ready to put them into blocks. I thought this project would last a while. I was hoping it would last until the quilt show in Mesa, but it was not to be.
I spent some time on the internet looking at different folding tonneaus for my truck, and thought I had found one I would like, but when I looked at the description, it folded from the front and rolled up in back. I have decided I want one that folds in three pieces, but has to fold back from the front to get to my fuel tank. I guess it needs to be soft top because the fill spout is above the bed. I don’t want to get one with Velcro again after what happened to the last one. I guess I’ll keep looking and see what is available.

We decided to go over to the Casino and get the Players Card, because they gave you $10.00 in free slot play. I also found out that because my birthday is in February, I get another $10.00 tomorrow. We both think it’s good to play slots with their money. Cindy started out, and soon lost everything except 9 cents. When my free play money ran out, I had $8.24 credit left so I quit. It looks like we are up for the day. We have enough for parking and 3 shrimp tacos in Algodones, so we are going back to Mexico tomorrow. Don’t you just love us big gamblers?

 Cindy is fixing Mandarin Orange Chicken we got at the new Trader Joes' in Salt Lake. It smells good. She’s also fixing asparagus that we got in Algodones. We think we will miss all the fresh veggies when we leave here.

That’s about it today. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yuma Prison

The Q Casino    High 75 Low 48

This morning started out kind of laid back. We went to McDonalds to use their internet. Cindy wanted to look at a YouTube video on how to sew her quilt pattern. The instructions were kind of vague. She found what she wanted, and now everything seems to be clearer.
After that she spent some time on Pinterest and found a recipe for Italian Shrimp in butter sauce that really looks good. I can hardly wait.

After that we went over to the Yuma Territorial Prison. It was quite interesting. On July 1, 1876 the first seven inmates entered the Territorial Prison at Yuma and were locked into the new cells they had built themselves. A total of 3,069 prisoners, including 29 women, lived within the walls during the 33 years of operation. We went on a guided tour with a volunteer, and saw the cells, the New Yard, the Dark Cell, and a foundation of a cell block that was torn down and moved to the new prison at Florence. We went through a low doorway to get into the New Yard that was lowered so Alan Ladd would look taller when they made a movie there. What was most interesting was what some of the prisoners were in jail for.  Adultery, having sex with a woman and promising to marry her, speaking out against the government, along with murder, fraud, forgery, and the usual crimes. My, how times have changed. Imagine anyone now days getting thrown in jail for some of those things. One woman, Pearl Hart, was tried as an accessory to murder, but was acquitted, which made the judge so mad, that he retried her for holding  the gun used in the murder, for which she was sentenced to 5 years in jail. Only two men successfully escaped and were never caught, although several tried, one man 4 times. The people of Yuma called it a country club, because they had electricity, running water, and a mechanized vitalization system, which the people at that time did not have, while the prisoners called it a Hell Hole. They also had the largest library in Arizona at that time. Some claim the jail was haunted, by a little girl that drowned nearby in the river, and anyone wearing red, could get pinched by her, as she drown, while looking for her doll which had a red dress.  When the prison was closed in 1909, The Yuma High School was there for five years. When the Yuma football team played Phoenix’s Coyotes and won, the Coyotes called them “criminals.” The teams officially adopted the name in 1917, and are very proud of it, and still are known by that name.
Gate into the cell block

Door that was lowered for Alan Ladd to make him look taller.

Inside the Dark Cell

Notice the vent coming from the top of the cell. some of the prisoners claimed snakes and scorpions were dropped through.

Gate into the main prison.

The birth of the Criminals logo.

Movie filmed at the prison.     

The standard prison picture.

During the depression, some of the homeless going to California were turned back at the bridge over the Colorado River by California authorities if they couldn't prove they had a job, or had money. When they turned around some of they went to live in the now abandoned prison. There is still graffiti and smoke stains in some of the cells. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Still at the Q Casino

The Q Casino    High 68 Low  39

This morning we got up early so we could go to Algodones early. We wanted to get some more of Cindy’s meds that we didn't get last time. The plan was to check more of the pharmacies so we could compare prices and leave before the big crowds. Her most expensive med was 1/3 less for 3 months than we have been paying for a one month supply. We were happy. Of course Cindy can’t go into Mexico without helping their economy. She had to buy more jewelry.  LOL. We did get out very quickly

After that she went to Supercuts for a haircut. They probably cut it shorter than she ever has had it done. I joking told her “the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about two weeks”. She didn't think that was funny.

While she got her hair cut, I went to Home Depot and got the rest of my supplies to change out the outlets in our trailer. We found out at Boot Camp that the outlets that are put in fifth wheels, and I suppose all RVs are not altogether safe. Mike the Fire Guy showed us an example of what can happen. We had decided to change all the outlets to household type, and I worked on that for a while this afternoon.

Not much else going on today. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The “Q” Casino    High 64 Low 37

Yesterday morning we went on our usual Saturday morning activity—Yard selling. The only thing we found were some home grown Tangelos. The lady only wanted $1.00 for 15, but all we got were 7 for 50 cents because they are very ripe and juicy and we felt that was all we could eat before they went bad.. They sure are good. Cindy also bought a crock pot cook book for a quarter from another yard sale. Big spenders yesterday.

After that there was a quilt show at one of the fancier RV Parks. Most of them were really well made. The show only lasted 3 hours, but we were there for only half that. Cindy wanted to go to one of the material shops that was moving and had everything for 20% off.  She bought a Wheel of Mystery Quilt kit because she says she's getting board because she's all through with the projects she brought with us. When We get home I'll be that much further behind with the Long Arm Quilting. 

My personal favorite

Here I am filling out my peoples choice card.

We stopped at one of the farmers markets and bought some grapefruit, and then went home.Cindy made a delicious veggy and fruit salad with spinach  avocados, strawberries, Mandarin oranges, and grilled chicken. I guess she wants me to eat healthier. It was good, and I suppose it was because I snacked so much  with the Boomers.  

The wind started up in the middle of the night and was really rocking things.  When we went to Church the wind destroyed the bed cover on our truck, and now I'll have to get another one. I'm going to wait until I get home to do so. The Wind coming back to our 5er from church was pushing us all over the freeway.  I’m glad we’re not pulling our trailer today                                  

Friday night we had the motor home next to us run his generator all night. It made it really hard to sleep, because his exhaust was right by our bedroom window, and some of the other campers by us also complained to me when I mentioned it. None of us had seen them out and they were gone, so one of the campers by me asked me if I would write a note asking him to please turn off the generator at 10:00 PM. We held our breath at 10, and they did shut it off. I guess some people just don’t know common courtesy

Today after church, the motor home was gone. I don’t know if it was because we complained about the noise, or he was ready to move on, but I’m not sorry to see them gone.
It has been windy all afternoon, and is supposed to quiet down by about 7:00 tonight. There is not much else going on. Tomorrow we are going into Algodones to get the rest of Cindy’s meds and some more vanilla. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Moved to the casino in California

By Algodones    Hi 66 Low 39

Today and yesterday have been rather slow and laid back.  We left Yuma Lakes at 11:00 today.
Yesterday we went to one of the three flea markets.   The one we went to had 4 long tents with everything imaginable.  In the center was a food court with entertainment.  We stopped to listen to the country and western music for a few minutes.  They were very good.


Had to stop at the quilt shop, yes, had to stop.  Ray gets his yard sale fix at the flea market so I need my quilting fix, Grandma Jo’s quilt shop.  Here are a few pictures of some Southwestern quilts. I took several pictures so I can design a quilt when I get home.

Lutes Saloon was recommended by a fellow camper at Yuma Lakes.  We both had hamburgers and fries, and yes they were good, but the atmosphere was quite unique. This is the oldest pool hall in Arizona. Movies poster-clad walls and pictures with a large mobile helicopter and full-size Schwinn bike hanging from the ceiling add to the atmosphere.

Another restaurant that we want to try before we leave is Da Boyz.  We were told that Da Boyz is an Italian restaurant with great lasagna. That sounds good to me.

We are boondocking once again. The RV’s are just crammed into the gravel parking lot at the Quechan Casino. Oh well, it’s free and very close to Algodones. We want to go back Monday to get meds that we did not pick up the last time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yuma, Arizona    Hi 68 Low 48

Yesterday we left The Steps and drove to Yuma. We are currently at the Yuma Lakes campground. While we were in Parker, a lady gave us a flyer for 3 free days in the campground. To get it we have to listen to a sales presentation. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Today we got up fairly early, and drove to the big parking lot to go into Los Algodones, Mexico. There were lots of people going into Mexico. We both wanted to get our teeth cleaned, and went to a dentist that had been recommended to us to make an appointment. When we asked about an appointment, the receptionist asked if we would like to have it done today. Cindy asked how soon? The receptionist said about 10 minutes, so we had it done. I think they did a good job on me, and Cindy said she was also satisfied.
We then went into a pharmacy to see about some of Cindy’s meds. One of them was almost as much as Wal-Mart with the insurance, so we passed on that one. Three of the others were considerably less, even without insurance, so we bought them
We walked across the street and Cindy saw some vanilla, so we got a small bottle. Cindy can’t go to Mexico without buying some jewelry, and she bought a ring. The street vendor stated a price, and when she hesitated, he kept lowering the price. I guess he finally got the price down low enough, and that’s when she bought it. We also bought some asparagus and strawberries.  

A neat cactus with bogenvilla in the background.

Where we stopped for lunch in Algodones.

We had talked about getting stained glass for our door windows in the 5er. We found a place that had lots of samples. Our windows are narrower and taller than most door windows, and the first price he quoted for one was way too much. When I told him we need two, he came up with a lower price for two than he originally quoted for one. We told him we wanted to think about it, and he finally dropped another $100 dollars for them. The total for two windows was about 1/3 of his first price. We went ahead and ordered them, but they won’t be ready for 2 weeks, so I guess we will be in Yuma until the first part of March. I guess it’s good not to have a hard and fast schedule.

These shrimp tacos were good.

Playing music in Algodones.

An Algodones street scene.

Where we bought the strawberries and asparagus.

Another street scene in Algodones.         
Looking back at the line waiting to get into the USA.

Looking forward.
Everyone was tired.

Street scene in Yuma at the farmers market.             

We stopped at the Visitor Center, and got some information about Yuma. We weren't too far from the downtown farmers market, so we went over to see it. We were both disappointed with it, but we did go into Lutes Saloon, as we had been told it was pretty neat, and it was.

Inside Lutes Saloon.

                    Harvesting Red Lettuce.

Part of a neat cactus garden.

On our way back to the campgrounds, we stopped at Jo-Ann’s so Cindy could get some thread she was out of. We also stopped at a farmers market and got some grapefruits. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Winter Blast

The Steps  Hi 77 Low 50

Last night, (Actually at 3:00 PM) we drove to SARA Park to see the fireworks. We were told we needed to get there early to get good parking and good seats. This was a good recommendation, as the lower parking lot was almost full by the time we got parked. We got what I think was one of the better parking places, as the parking attendant had me park on the road facing toward the exit. We found seating on a little hill, but after the fireworks started, we moved down by our truck because we had a power pole blocking part of our view.


A little history of the Winter Blast: “The skies over SARA Park will be lit up this week like the 4th of July, thanks to the 24th Annual Winter Blast Western Pyrotechnics Association Convention, which brings the latest and greatest in pyrotechnics to the desert. The convention last from February 14-17, but over the weekend convention attendees will give Havasu a treat with spectacular fireworks shows. The biggest nights are Friday and Saturday”. 
We enjoyed the show very much, but were not able to get many good pictures because we still need to learn how to shoot fireworks shots. Cindy says it doesn't pay to have a big, fancy camera, when you don't know how to use it. LOL I have posted a few. The show was choreographed to music, but we weren't able to hear it. The grand Finale was spectacular and lit up the sky for several minutes.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ed's Birthday

The Steps      Hi 77 Low 48

Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart to fill Cindy’s remaining meds. I think they finally got it right. We then went grocery shopping.

                                                                                          Just kind of a neat desert picture.

We went to a place by Parker, call Roadrunner
Floating Bar and Grill. They have a daily special for lunch. Friday’s special is all you can eat fish and chips. It came with 3 pieces of fish, tons of fries, cold slaw, and hush puppies. We both wanted another piece of fish, so Cindy ordered more fish and hush puppies. We both thought they would give us each a piece of fish and some hush puppies. But no, we each got 3 more pieces of fish. It was so much food, that we will be able to make another meal of it.

Today I walked a little and met some friends of Sandie andJim, Jan and Bill. They also have a Montana fifth wheel. We hope to meet Sandie and Jim while we are in the Phoenix area.
At noon today everyone had pitch-in for lunch, to celebrate Ed’s birthday. Actually the party is for Duane, but it seems his wife went to get a cake at one of the local bakery’s, and they had one they had made for a man named Ed. His family had not picked it up because Ed had died. They offered it to her for half price, and she couldn't turn down a good deal. The next year, as a joke everyone sang happy birthday to Ed on Duane’s birthday. From what Duane told me, one large cloud went over and it started to rain and hail. As they were finishing singing a large bolt of lightning came from the cloud. After that the sun came back out and it cleared up.  Someone said Ed was either angry, or was helping them celebrate, so the last 4 or 5 years they have celebrated Ed’s birthday at The Steps. After we sang Happy Birthday, everyone sang the theme song from the old TV show, Mr. Ed. I think everyone had a good time and got plenty to eat.
This afternoon we are going to see the fireworks at SARA Park and I will report on that later.

Lined up for the pitch-in.

some of the people celebrating 

Duane cooking hot dogs.

                                                      The birthday boy!