Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

 The steps   Hi 73 Low 48

Yesterday Cindy and I walked to the top of the mountain above the camp ground . This is the view from there.  

After that I went for a walk across the highway to look at some more of the steps and to look at some of the dead Palm trees. There are quite a few over  there. I also found two live ones in a gully. I walked 2 1/4 miles according to the GPS. I don't know the history of the steps, but will try to find out. Someone spent a lot of time leveling the land.

                                                       Today we went into town and found this quilt store. Cindy needed        some blue thread, and liked this pattern 
                            so well that she bought it and the material to make it.                               

After that we went back to London Bridge to take some more pictures of it and the gate going into it. The gate came from an English mansion, and was built in 1862. The above picture is a statue of Mr. McCulloch and the city engineer when they rebuilt the bridge and designed the town.          

        Another view of the bridge. and picture of the construction during assembly.  
Pretty Magnificent .
This is before they made the island. Notice the numbers used in reassembly
After that we went to SARA Park to check on the parking for the fire-works show on Saturday.

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  1. I was in Lake Havasu in the late 1960's when the bridge was still under construction. Too bad I didn't keep any of those pictures. I thought the guy was nuts at the time but he seems to have done just fine with it.