Friday, February 8, 2013

Free Hot Dog---Not

We had the question asked by Ron and Thelma, “What model Montana do you have”. Well, to answer this question I have to tell a story. We were out on a Saturday, and had heard that Camping World in Draper was giving fee hot dogs. I later found out that they were going to be the most expensive “free” hot dogs I have ever had. Cindy noticed a Montana 5th wheel with 5 slides, and asked “why don’t we look at it?” So we went to see the trailer. It has a front living room and spacious rear bed room. I fell in love with it. At the time we had a 2006, 29 foot Everest. I asked the salesman about trading the Everest in on the Montana. It was a 2011 model, 3750FL no slide toppers, and no generator. He checked and said they could trade for $47,000 difference. I should mention that Cindy was totally not in favor of it. That seemed like quite a lot of money to me, so I got on the internet and found that Pete’s RV in Vermont was a dealer and after talking to their salesman, he offer us a new 2012 trailer with generator, slide toppers, and double pane windows for $37,000 difference, but we would have to drive to their dealership in Indiana to take our trade to them. Well, after considerable deliberation, and overcoming Cindy’s objections, we pulled the Everest about 1500 miles to just inside Indiana to pick up our new 5er. Now almost two years later, she and I really like the Montana, but it was the most expensive free hot dog I have ever eaten. I might add, the sales man at Pete’s was great to work with and everything about the transaction turned out perfect. The Chev 3500 Duramax has no problem pulling it. The old trailer seemed to have a lot of jerking, and while we were in Indiana, Cindy fell and cracked a rib, and was afraid we might have to stay a while. The new trailer has a Mor-Ride hitch and suspension and pulls so much smoother, that Cindy was under no distress coming home.

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  1. Don't you just love those "free" hot dogs. We sure do love our Montana. It's a 2004 29' with two slides but it is perfect for us. And we also have a Duramax (but not a dually). Can I make a suggestion about your blog? It's really great when people post where they are and what the temperatures are at the top of their blog or add a widget or whatever those things are. That way we can find out if we're close by or we can check weather to determine if you're nuts to be where it's so cold. lol