Sunday, February 24, 2013

The “Q” Casino    High 64 Low 37

Yesterday morning we went on our usual Saturday morning activity—Yard selling. The only thing we found were some home grown Tangelos. The lady only wanted $1.00 for 15, but all we got were 7 for 50 cents because they are very ripe and juicy and we felt that was all we could eat before they went bad.. They sure are good. Cindy also bought a crock pot cook book for a quarter from another yard sale. Big spenders yesterday.

After that there was a quilt show at one of the fancier RV Parks. Most of them were really well made. The show only lasted 3 hours, but we were there for only half that. Cindy wanted to go to one of the material shops that was moving and had everything for 20% off.  She bought a Wheel of Mystery Quilt kit because she says she's getting board because she's all through with the projects she brought with us. When We get home I'll be that much further behind with the Long Arm Quilting. 

My personal favorite

Here I am filling out my peoples choice card.

We stopped at one of the farmers markets and bought some grapefruit, and then went home.Cindy made a delicious veggy and fruit salad with spinach  avocados, strawberries, Mandarin oranges, and grilled chicken. I guess she wants me to eat healthier. It was good, and I suppose it was because I snacked so much  with the Boomers.  

The wind started up in the middle of the night and was really rocking things.  When we went to Church the wind destroyed the bed cover on our truck, and now I'll have to get another one. I'm going to wait until I get home to do so. The Wind coming back to our 5er from church was pushing us all over the freeway.  I’m glad we’re not pulling our trailer today                                  

Friday night we had the motor home next to us run his generator all night. It made it really hard to sleep, because his exhaust was right by our bedroom window, and some of the other campers by us also complained to me when I mentioned it. None of us had seen them out and they were gone, so one of the campers by me asked me if I would write a note asking him to please turn off the generator at 10:00 PM. We held our breath at 10, and they did shut it off. I guess some people just don’t know common courtesy

Today after church, the motor home was gone. I don’t know if it was because we complained about the noise, or he was ready to move on, but I’m not sorry to see them gone.
It has been windy all afternoon, and is supposed to quiet down by about 7:00 tonight. There is not much else going on. Tomorrow we are going into Algodones to get the rest of Cindy’s meds and some more vanilla. 

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  1. I agree - that quilt that is your personal favorite is gorgeous. We've had the wind here all day and we're really tired of it. But by next week-end - just about perfect weather. Yea!!