Saturday, February 9, 2013

North Ranch Hi 46 Low 28

We notice the heater ran a lot last night. When we went out the, truck was covered with snow. I thought we left Utah to get away from all the white stuff. It was cold all day! It’s supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow. I hope so

We went to the Gold Rush Parade in Wickenburg this morning. I had talked to a policeman yesterday and he advised us to be parked by 8:30 at the latest because they we going to close the road at 9:00. We found a place to park at a restaurant called Screamers. Cindy went in to ask permission to park, and came back to say OK. She also said they had a giant egg omelet burrito that sure looked good. So we shared one. Because the restaurant owner was kind enough to let us park in his lot, he also got a customer.

The parade started to line up at about 9:30, and started at 10:00. We found out we were about a block too far up from the start, so we walked down to see some of the parade before it actually started. We did get to see all of the parade. One advantage we had from being parked where we did, was that we got to leave sooner than most of the traffic.

Old Mail truck

The same gun slinger we saw yesterday

What's a parade without a clown? Here he is with his wiener dog.

                                                                                                     Neat old stage coach        

                                                                                      Another stage coach

        These older gals sure could move!

                                                                                Dance hall girls from the old west.

Bull inside car

Horses playing with a giant soccer ball 

We were going back to the detour, when I spotted a yard sale sign. I thought why not, as I hadn't been to a yard sale for a month. Cindy found some really nice material for a lot better price than we would have got it at home.

We got back to North Ranch at about 2:00. We had been invited over to Mike and Pat’s at 4:00, so we went over to see them and visited for a while.
It’s still very cold here. The TV said it was about 15 degrees colder than normal. I’m sure glad we’re not in Connecticut, or anywhere back east for that matter. 



  1. It was great visiting with you guys,,,, have a good safe trip when you leave tomorrow and I do hope you will stay in touch and stop and see us if you ever get up in the Black Hills. We have a big front yard and the view is outstanding....Your welcome anytime...

    1. Thanks for the invite. If we get that way when you are there, we'll be sure to take you up on it.

  2. I hope you didn't buy all that material Mom... LOL