Monday, February 25, 2013

Still at the Q Casino

The Q Casino    High 68 Low  39

This morning we got up early so we could go to Algodones early. We wanted to get some more of Cindy’s meds that we didn't get last time. The plan was to check more of the pharmacies so we could compare prices and leave before the big crowds. Her most expensive med was 1/3 less for 3 months than we have been paying for a one month supply. We were happy. Of course Cindy can’t go into Mexico without helping their economy. She had to buy more jewelry.  LOL. We did get out very quickly

After that she went to Supercuts for a haircut. They probably cut it shorter than she ever has had it done. I joking told her “the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about two weeks”. She didn't think that was funny.

While she got her hair cut, I went to Home Depot and got the rest of my supplies to change out the outlets in our trailer. We found out at Boot Camp that the outlets that are put in fifth wheels, and I suppose all RVs are not altogether safe. Mike the Fire Guy showed us an example of what can happen. We had decided to change all the outlets to household type, and I worked on that for a while this afternoon.

Not much else going on today. 

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