Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Windy Day

The Q Casino    High 72 Low 48

This was supposed to take until the 13th
Today we decided to just hang out. Even though it was fairly warm, the wind blew all day and it felt kind of chilly most of the day. I know you people up North feel sorry for us, back home it was about 30 degrees. Cindy wanted to just sew most of the day and got all the pieces of the kit she bought Saturday put together, and ready to put them into blocks. I thought this project would last a while. I was hoping it would last until the quilt show in Mesa, but it was not to be.
I spent some time on the internet looking at different folding tonneaus for my truck, and thought I had found one I would like, but when I looked at the description, it folded from the front and rolled up in back. I have decided I want one that folds in three pieces, but has to fold back from the front to get to my fuel tank. I guess it needs to be soft top because the fill spout is above the bed. I don’t want to get one with Velcro again after what happened to the last one. I guess I’ll keep looking and see what is available.

We decided to go over to the Casino and get the Players Card, because they gave you $10.00 in free slot play. I also found out that because my birthday is in February, I get another $10.00 tomorrow. We both think it’s good to play slots with their money. Cindy started out, and soon lost everything except 9 cents. When my free play money ran out, I had $8.24 credit left so I quit. It looks like we are up for the day. We have enough for parking and 3 shrimp tacos in Algodones, so we are going back to Mexico tomorrow. Don’t you just love us big gamblers?

 Cindy is fixing Mandarin Orange Chicken we got at the new Trader Joes' in Salt Lake. It smells good. She’s also fixing asparagus that we got in Algodones. We think we will miss all the fresh veggies when we leave here.

That’s about it today. 

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