Thursday, February 7, 2013

Conquering a fear!

I did it, I actually did it!!!  It feels good to have conquered a fear.  I want to thank everyone for their vote of confidence. I had another driving class today.  We drove into Congress and then up the windy steep road to Yarnell.   This is the road that the ‘Long, Long Trailer’ was filmed on. Then it was on to Wickenburg, yes again, this time into old town.  Streets were a little narrow and some traffic.  I turned around three times in gas stations in the last two days, and one time in a grocery store parking lot.  I drove on a very deep roller coaster road. That was interesting. I am capable of backing the 5er up. (Give me 50 acres and I do about anything.)  I would not do it anywhere than an empty parking lot, but I will in time.   There aren't any pictures of most of the drive; I think Ray was worried about his baby (the 5er and the truck). I drove about 200 miles in the last two days. Other than the driving the day has been rather quite.  We did go back into Wickenburg to get a few errands done.   


  1. What model Montana do you have. We have a 2004 3295. rear kitchen and desk They don't make them anymore

  2. Visiting via The Bayfield Bunch - we are full-timers with a Montana and Ford F-350. I do the towing! My husband prefers to ride, and I prefer to drive, having grown up with travel trailers. So good for you! It's not so bad, eh? You done good! :)

  3. Yey!! You go girl!!!! We can do whatever we put our mind to!!

  4. visiting via the Bayfield bunch, too..good job on driving the big rig, Cindy! you deserve a big pat on the back!!!