Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yuma, Arizona    Hi 68 Low 48

Yesterday we left The Steps and drove to Yuma. We are currently at the Yuma Lakes campground. While we were in Parker, a lady gave us a flyer for 3 free days in the campground. To get it we have to listen to a sales presentation. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Today we got up fairly early, and drove to the big parking lot to go into Los Algodones, Mexico. There were lots of people going into Mexico. We both wanted to get our teeth cleaned, and went to a dentist that had been recommended to us to make an appointment. When we asked about an appointment, the receptionist asked if we would like to have it done today. Cindy asked how soon? The receptionist said about 10 minutes, so we had it done. I think they did a good job on me, and Cindy said she was also satisfied.
We then went into a pharmacy to see about some of Cindy’s meds. One of them was almost as much as Wal-Mart with the insurance, so we passed on that one. Three of the others were considerably less, even without insurance, so we bought them
We walked across the street and Cindy saw some vanilla, so we got a small bottle. Cindy can’t go to Mexico without buying some jewelry, and she bought a ring. The street vendor stated a price, and when she hesitated, he kept lowering the price. I guess he finally got the price down low enough, and that’s when she bought it. We also bought some asparagus and strawberries.  

A neat cactus with bogenvilla in the background.

Where we stopped for lunch in Algodones.

We had talked about getting stained glass for our door windows in the 5er. We found a place that had lots of samples. Our windows are narrower and taller than most door windows, and the first price he quoted for one was way too much. When I told him we need two, he came up with a lower price for two than he originally quoted for one. We told him we wanted to think about it, and he finally dropped another $100 dollars for them. The total for two windows was about 1/3 of his first price. We went ahead and ordered them, but they won’t be ready for 2 weeks, so I guess we will be in Yuma until the first part of March. I guess it’s good not to have a hard and fast schedule.

These shrimp tacos were good.

Playing music in Algodones.

An Algodones street scene.

Where we bought the strawberries and asparagus.

Another street scene in Algodones.         
Looking back at the line waiting to get into the USA.

Looking forward.
Everyone was tired.

Street scene in Yuma at the farmers market.             

We stopped at the Visitor Center, and got some information about Yuma. We weren't too far from the downtown farmers market, so we went over to see it. We were both disappointed with it, but we did go into Lutes Saloon, as we had been told it was pretty neat, and it was.

Inside Lutes Saloon.

                    Harvesting Red Lettuce.

Part of a neat cactus garden.

On our way back to the campgrounds, we stopped at Jo-Ann’s so Cindy could get some thread she was out of. We also stopped at a farmers market and got some grapefruits. 

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  1. Yuma's a great place. Be sure to go to Da Boyz for dinner while you're there.