Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A day in Wickenburg

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today after breakfast, we went into Wickenburg to do the walking tour of Old Wickenburg. Our first stop was the Chamber of Commerce to get some literature about the walk. Engine 761 was built in 1890..

This miner leading his donkey depicts the importance of mining in the area

The Hispanic cowboys and their families were instrumental in developing Wickenburg's rich culture.
 There are several neat old buildings and lots of statues of the various people that have contributed to Wickenburg’s history. There are also many small castings of various animals, snakes, several Gila monsters, and we found one road runner. The antique stores and shops were interesting to visit and see what they had to sell.

The old gas pumps were what I remember back in 1957, when my dad bought his repair shop and service station.

How many of you can remember gas prices this low. I’m afraid I remember when these were the normal price, and I remember once in a gas war, that the price got down to 19.9 cents per gallon. I guess I am an old fart, and Cindy agrees.

Gila monster.

Outside the quilt shop so Cindy could get her fix.

Everett Bowman World champion Cowboy who lived in Wickenburg. In 1977 he was elected to the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

200 year old Mesquite tree used from 1863 to 1890 for the town jail. Outlaws were chained to the tree....escapes were unknown.

                     Roadrunner statue.


Cowboy giving thanks for the Rain.
Statue by Joe Beeler.    

           Wouldn't this give you a fright.

Overall it was a nice day for a walk (68 degrees) and we enjoyed seeing all the sights. There will be a parade in Wickenburg this Saturday, and our plan is to go and see it.

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  1. When we passed through Wickenburg on our way south, both of us agreed we have to go back. We liked the look of it. You have confirmed that it is worth seeing.