Friday, February 1, 2013

First day of Boot Camp

Friday, February 1, 2013

Today we both came to the activity center. Cindy joined in an aerobics class.
When she got through she said she had done the equivalent of a 2 mile walk. I think she had a lot of fun. After the walk, we ran into Pat McFall. She was doing a line dance session. Cindy stayed and did that with the ladies until she got tired. She’s trying to work up to be able to do a five mile walk! We went home and I wanted to go see Mike McFall, and I asked Pat if she thought it would be alright. She said sure, he would love a visitor. She also told me how to find their home. It is a good distance from where we are parked, so I got my walk in. Mike acted glad for the visit, and offered me a bag of oranges off their tree. They really are good. Mike seems like a very nice person.

After lunch we went to Boot Camp. The first part is very basic. After that they talked about RV systems. Then they talked about safety in driving an RV. Cindy has decided that she wants to take lessons on driving the truck and fifth wheel from them. She is more afraid of how I will react than of taking the lessons. The instructor says that women often are better drivers than men. So, I’m game if she is.

They next talked about personal safety. The instructor stressed that to be aware of your surroundings is the most important thing you can do. He is a retired police man, and said he has driven into some RV parks that to use his words “felt hinky” and drove right back out. He suggested using RV Park Reviews to check out parks if you are not familiar with them. He likes motion sensor light for outside your RV, and we will probably get one. He also talked about Tasers, concealed gun permits and wasp spray as means of personal safety. He was quite informative.

We talked to the fire safety instructor, and he mentioned how many fires there had been because of RV refrigerators. I have read about several, and told him I thought the manufacturers had recalls on them. He said that there were indeed recalls, but he felt that they were Band-Aids and not really fixing the problem. He suggested putting a special fire extinguisher in the compartment by the fridge. I had noticed one of the Boomers installing one in his motor home, so we decided to buy one.

I sorry there are no more pictures, but we were tied up all day and didn't get any more. So far we are glad we came to the Boot Camp. 


  1. We went to Boot Camp back in 2008. One of the best things we've ever done and my hubby has been an RVer forever. You're going to learn so much and meet new friends. Have a great time.

  2. Hello Cindy and Ray. Welcome to blogland and the road! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Hope you surgery worked out and everything is OK.