Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Doctors Visit

Doctors Visit
Lincoln City, Oregon        High 70 Low 52

We haven’t done too much for the last few days. Sunday while getting into the truck, Cindy slipped on the foot railing and landed on her back. She had wet feet and the Rail was wet from all the moisture. She hurt her hip and knee. Monday she stayed in bed all day, but it didn’t seem to be getting any better. So today we went into the insta-care to have x-rays to make sure she didn’t have any broken bones or dislocations. Everything checked out OK and the doctor told her it was probably pulled muscles. He also gave her a prescription for pain killers.

The doctor also gave her a application for a temporary handicap permit, which I took to the DMV and got a permit good for up to 6 months. Hopefully she will be better before that.

We were scheduled to leave this Park today, but are staying two more days before we move (less than 30 miles). We will stay there for a week before we decided whether to continue on or go home to Utah.

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Holiday. Ours wasn’t the best.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Little More Sightseeing

Lincoln, Oregon       High 63 Low 52

The weather here has been a lot better with sunny days. It is still a little cool at night, but is supposed to get better next week.

We went into Depoe Bay and got some more photos of the rocky beach there. It made for a lot better pictures when the sun was out.

The RV Park here has a lot more people in it, but is not full. The owner told me it gets really busy for the 4th of July and then stays pretty busy until Labor Day.

We stopped at a bead store where Cindy got some pictures of necklaces that she thinks she might want to make. She especially like the silver starfish, but the $60.00 price scared her off. We will probably try to get it on-line or in Arizona next fall.

There are lots of dogs here for Penny to meet. Most are friendly, but some don't anything to do with here.

We are going to try to get to the beach and let her run next week when the weather is nice and not so many people. Some of the beaches we saw looked packed with people.

Driving through town was bumper to bumper today. I guess because it was Saturday and a long weekend.

This last picture is one Cindy took on the way back to the RV Park. It shows how much the trees want to grow. These are growing out of an old driftwood log on the Siletz River. The log looks like it has been there for a long time.
The bigger trees are at least 8 feet tall.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sightseeing Day

Lincoln City, Oregon           High 61 Low 48

We walked around the RV Park and got to see some large flowers in bloom.

Then we drove back to Newport to do some sightseeing and to visit the two quilt stores in town. It was a bit cool this morning, but warmed up a little by afternoon.

On the way we stopped at Cape Foulweather to see the view of the ocean. We got to look down on what is called the Devil’s Cauldron, ancient lava rings in the ocean.

We went to the quilt stores next, and found that one had moved and the owner was retiring. The other one is a nice store closer to the middle of town.
We went to the first Lighthouse. It only operated for three years before being turned off. It is open to the public and has been restored to look like it probably was in 1874. As long as I carried Penny, they allowed her in. We got some more great views of the ocean.

We went down to the Historic water front and walked around a little bit. We could hear sea lions barking and found the pier where they were resting in large numbers. Penny didn’t like them at all and was afraid of them and all the barking, so we didn’t stay too long.

We went to the next Lighthouse, which is only 6 miles north of the other one, and is still operating.
Again there are great views of the ocean and we saw two large rocks with thousands of birds all over the top. We also got to see one Harbor Seal resting on the rocks. It looked like it was lying on its back and would move around a bit. One of the volunteers came by and told us there were some whales out in the ocean, and we watched where she said, and got to see them several times, but weren’t able to get any pictures of them. They seemed to be swimming north, and spouted quite a few times.

This Seal looks dead, but we got to see him move around on his rocks.

All the little black spots on top of the rock are birds.
The wind coming off the ocean was quite cold, so we finally gave up and came back to the trailer.

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Moved Again

Lincoln City, Oregon             High 57 Low 46

Yesterday we had a pleasant 90 mile drive, again headed north. We had mostly a sunny day, but did have a few places where we got sprinkled on.

We got checked into The Chinook Bend RV Park. In is right on the Siletz River. The sites are a little way from the office, and the only drawback is the only place there is Wi-Fi is in the office. The sites themselves are grass with gravel underneath. They are mostly level, but with the Level-ups, it really doesn’t matter (have I said how much I like the leveling system?). This Park is mostly for the fishermen, but is the only Park I could find that allowed us camping over Memorial Day. We will be here for 6 nights.

On the way here we passed three quilt stores, but weren’t able to find any parking to go see them. We do plan on going back to the one in Newport, and do a little sightseeing while we are there. It is only a short way from where we are.

Yesterday afternoon, I drove into Lincoln City for fuel. One station had diesel for $2.099 per gallon, which was 24 cents less than anybody else. I still put in $140.00 worth since I hadn’t bought fuel since Nevada.

My next chore was to go to Sears to see about a new microwave Convection over combination for over our stove. The old on blew up last fall, and was supposedly repaired, but when Cindy tried to use the convection oven, it sparked and blew smoke. The microwave part still worked. We decided rather than wait and try to get it repaired again it was time to get a new one. I had found one like our old one on sale at Sears and was going to have them order it and hope it got here before we left the area. They happened to have a new Kenmore that someone had ordered and then changed their mind and wanted stainless. It was supposed to be about $300.00 more, but was almost the same price as the new Frigidaire and was supposed to be a lot better. So I went ahead and bought it and put it in yesterday afternoon. The new one is a little taller than the old one, so it took me about 2 hours to get it installed. I must be slowing down because I used to be able to install them a lot quicker, but I got it done and everything seems to work.
Today we are going to Newport to do a little shopping and find a Walmart or McDonalds to use the internet.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moving Day

Reedsport, Oregon       High 64 Low 48

We left Port Orford this morning and headed further north. I needed to stop at the bank in Coos Bay and we were parked close enough to the quilt store to go see it. We broke down and bought enough fabric for a quilt back. The saving grace was that it was 50% off.

We then went to Walmart and got a few groceries.

After that we finished our 90 mile drive. We are at the Surfwood RV Park. We were going to stay here for 3 nights, but the new owners have changed their policy and only allow 1 night and not even this time of year. I was looking in the book and not on the internet, so the owner told me she would let us stay for one night at the Passport America rate. After I booked, I got on RV Park reviews and this place had horrible reviews, but the new owners are in the process of cleaning up and repairing, and I think it is a nice enough Park, although a little far from anything to do. The sites are mostly pull through. They are grass and all of them have had the grass mowed. They are all 30 amp, but we don't expect to use our ac, so we should be good.

Tomorrow we go to a Coast to Coast Park in Lincoln City, which is about another 90 miles north. It is the only Park we could get to stay over Memorial Day. It isn't as nice as this Park, but at least we have a place to stay for the holiday. And it is a little closer to have things to do.

This post makes number 800 for me. Sorry, no pictures today.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Coast Guard Museum

Port Orford, Oregon        High 63 Low 48

The day started out with light mist. As the day went on we started to get some breaks in the clouds, and by 4:00 the sun was shining.

We went to the Coast Guard Museum and walked through it. It was built in 1934 and provided search and rescue operations until 1970. There are many displays showing what life was during World War II. The building is now on the National Historic Register.
One of the displays is a dog tag machine used in the War. It still works and they would make you military style dog tags for a price, but we declined.
Another display is a wedding dress from the early 1900s. It said the bride had an 18 inch waist.

They had a very tall steering wheel that was found on the beach that was taller than either one of us.
On display is a 36 foot motor life boat that had a speed of about 9 knots. We were told that helicopters made rescue much faster and the boat was retired.

Some of the War display were kind of neat. They had a copy of a ration book, some 3 cent stamps from 1945, and a newspaper article about a dog that saved someone and got two metals, which later were rescinded.

 Sorry you can't read this, but the dog on the right saved someone and was wounded in the process for which he got two metals. We wondered why they were taken away.

3 cents compared to 48 now.

We then went on a trail that had views of the ocean. We got a little different view of the ocean.

After this we went to a place where we could take Penny to play in the sand. She had fun playing and running around, especially when another dog came along. She got so dirty rolling in the sand, that she got a bath this afternoon.

Flower picture of the day.
Tomorrow we leave for Reedsport for a one night stay. Since we will only be there one night, I’m not sure we will go see anything, but we shall see.

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