Saturday, May 7, 2016

Salt Lake Quilt Show 2016

Riverton, Utah        High 63 Low 45

The weather here has been rain almost every day and yesterday we got a lot of hail. Cindy had planted tomatoes and today they looked a little worse for wear, but should survive.
We both visited the dentist and I had some major cavities repaired. Cindy just needed a deeper cleaning than she got in Algodones.  When the dentist checked my teeth, he found lots of cavities, which make me wonder whether the Mexican dentists just repair what I ask for, or if they check beyond that.

We went to the big Salt Lake Quilt show which is held at this time of year every year. It is by far the biggest show of any we have ever gone to. There are lots of people and quilts, literally, from all over the world. Utah must be the Quilt Capital of the US.

There were a lot of small quilts styled after Beatle songs in this section.
There were also lots of vendors selling stuff, but Sandi would be proud of us as we didn’t buy anything at the show. We did make up for it the next day, when we found a yard sale with good quilting material for $2.00 a yard. (How could we resist?)

I put a lot of quilt pictures on this post, some of which I’ll comment on.

This one looked like a stained glass window.

Reminded us of Albuquerque.

Pretty fancy quilting.

This one looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting.

It sure took lots of thread and work.

Scenes of Alaska.

Narrower pieces than Cindy's OH My Gosh Quilt (her strips start at one inch). These started out at 3/4"

This last picture tells it all.

 We hope to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday for Northern California and then to go up the Oregon Coast.

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  1. All those Mormons and their quilts. Lol. Have a great time heading north.

  2. So many wonderful quilts, and the work that goes into them is amazing.

  3. It's interesting how much appliqué is out there now. Beautiful quilts to be sure!!!