Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Giant Redwoods

Klamath, California       High 64 Low 50

We went to see more of the Redwoods, but first we stopped at a place called The Trees of Mystery.
Outside there is a large statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe. The statues are gigantic.

This is also outside the Trees of Mystery building.
Inside there is a small museum containing a lot of Indian artifacts. They are well worth a stop.

We then went to the Visitor Center in Crescent City and were given advice on thing to see in the Redwoods. The attendant suggested a drive to Stout Grove, which is down about a 10 mile, single lane, road. There were enough turnouts to pass other vehicles. One place looked very narrow for our dually, but it had plenty of room to get through.

This felt worse than it was.
When we got to Stout Grove, there is a sign saying no pets on trail, but I felt like that since Penny was in her dog bag, she technically wasn’t on the trail. She likes to be carried in the bag.

Penny in her dog bag.

We thought this root was interesting.

 There are lots of giant Redwood trees to look at as we followed the trail. There were several down that looked to be several 100 feet long.

After we left the Grove, we drove to an overlook, where we could see the River coming into the Ocean. We could hear Sea Lions barking, but didn’t get to see any. We did get to see a mother Whale with her calf and I finally got some fairly good pictures.

The weather has been nice and is supposed to get better for the next few days.

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  1. What a wonderful time there in California, thanks for taking us along.

  2. Glad you stopped at the Trees of Mystery. Most people pass it by. It's been in existence ever since I was a kid. The redwoods are spectacular to see, as are the whales. Love Penny in her "bag"!!