Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Then They Are Gone

Congress, Arizona                          High 81 Low 55

Cindy and I went to a wire tying seminar this morning. I learned some things about making the wire loops that I didn't know before.

Cindy had a class this afternoon and got started on another type bracelet. She wasn't able to finish this one and will have to finish it later.

 There was also a bake sale today and the cinnamon rolls were very good.
This shows another use for beading. They make bowls out of gourds.

 The start of Cindy's bracelet.
I had some things I needed to do in Wickenburg, so I drove into town.

This evening we went for another walk around the Park and a lot of the beautiful flowers from yesterday are wilted. We found out they only last about a day to a day and a half. There were others that had come into bloom today, so we got a lot more pictures.

The ones at the top of the picture were wilted.

This cactus had about the most blossoms that we saw.

They are even pretty from the back.

We even found more red blossoms. There were also some pink flowers that look very delicate and they seem to last longer.

Cindy has more classes tomorrow.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

What a Difference One Day Makes

Congress, Arizona                       High 88 Low 61

This morning Cindy went to her first bead class. The class she took wasn't really for a beginner, but she got it done. When I went to see how she was doing at about noon, she was a little frustrated. She came home for lunch and then went back and finished it up and said it went better.
Starting out.

Lot of ladies doing different things.

All finished.
I took Penny to the dog park again, but there weren't many dogs and she was too hot, so we left after a little while.

We didn't have any clouds today, so we didn't have a pretty sunset. 

This evening we went for another walk, and in one day a lot of the Easter Cactus have bloomed. They mostly have large white blossoms, but we found one plant with red flowers. They are very pretty and they seemed to be everywhere we walked.

This plant was the only one we saw with large red flowers.

Cindy has another beading class tomorrow.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bead Week Started

Congress, Arizona                   High 82 Low 59

Today was hot again.

Cindy had pre-registered for bead week and was able to register and pick some classes before the ones that signed up here. She ended up with 4 classes during the week. She then decided she wanted to take a necklace class in the evening to make a turquoise necklace that better went with a new dress she has and to also be able to say she made it. She has a really heavy necklace she bought at the Rock and Gem Show in Salt Lake and wanted something that weighed less.

This quilt is a raffle quilt hanging in the activity center.
I went over with her after she picked out what classes she wanted and looked around.  There are some very talented beaders here.

Penny and I will pretty much be on our own this coming week. They are putting on some activities for the men, but I’m not sure what I want to do.

Late this afternoon, there was an ice cream social in the activity center. They announced that they had sold 127 scoops of ice cream.

Cindy and I went for a walk and there were enough clouds for nice sunset pictures. Then almost as fast as we got the color it started to fade.

We then walked through the cactus garden again. There are a lot more blossoms and some of the larger cactus look like they are almost ready to bloom. 

We have seen some large white blossoms, but didn't get any pictures of them tonight.
We think this is the type cactus that has the large white blossoms.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting Ready For Bead Week

Congress, Arizona              High 81 Low 54

It was a little warm today with absolutely no clouds, which didn't make a very pretty sunset. After the sun goes down, it cools off nicely.

I went over and watched the wood carvers for a while. The wood carvers finish tonight and some have already left.

Cindy went to bead day in the club house. She got some pictures of some of the things she wants to make and go to classes next week. She seems pretty excited about Bead Week. She hasn't done anything with the tiny seed beads and wants to learn how.

 Some of the things Cindy wants to learn how to make.

Lots of ladies bead in this Park.
I forgot to mention on the last post: while we were going through Casa Grande last Monday, I stopped at an RV parts store and got a new thermostat for our water heater. When we got here and got set up, I got it changed. It works as it should and we no longer have to burn propane for hot water while we have hook-ups.

We have gone on several walks in the Park with Penny and she usually ends up being carried. It’s a good thing she is as small as she is. I have taken her to the dog park every afternoon and some afternoons there are more dogs than others. Tonight there were just the right number of dogs and she got to chase a tennis ball until she got tired. Other evenings, some of the other dogs beat her getting to the ball. Some of the people are amazed that she is able to pick up the tennis ball and bring it back.

We are probably driving into Wickenburg tomorrow. We need a few groceries. There doesn't seem to be much scheduled here tomorrow.

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