Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 Escapade

Tucson, Arizona                             High 73 Low 54

We went to the Superstition Ranch Market first thing this morning. We knew we would be a little way from any grocery stores and wanted to get some vegetables and lettuce at the good prices at the Market.

We got away from the RV Park at about 9:15 and had about a three hour drive to the Pima County Fairgrounds at the south end of Tucson.

There were quite a few RVs here already, but they seemed to have everything under control and we were all set up by 1 o’clock. We wanted to be in the electrical and water section, and were placed in some new 50 amp sites. As warm as it’s going to be here we thought it would be good to be able to have air conditioning without the generator.

We got all checked in and are in site 326 for the next few days. The escapade doesn't actually start until tomorrow afternoon, but we wanted to be here a day early. The people parking RVs told us they are expecting 300 more rigs tomorrow. The email I got said they had about 850 RVs registered. The Escapade is nowhere near as large as the Good Sam Rally.

While we were walking around we ran into Dennis Hill, MikeMcFall, and Nick and Terry Russell. I’m sure we will see lots more people we know.

Tonight there was a nice Arizona sunset.

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