Thursday, March 5, 2015

Show and Tell

Mesa, Arizona                         High 72 Low 46

This morning the quilt people at the Valle del Oro RV Park had a show and tell. The quilts were very nice and Cindy got to show what small portion of her Oh MY Gosh quilt. She will be a while getting it done.

They also had a market going on. There were lots of vendors there selling lots of different things. The parking was almost gone when we got there and we were only 20 minutes from opening.

Lots of people at the market.

Cindy especially liked this necklace.
We spent a while looking at all the things they had to sale. On the way back to the truck we walked past a model railroad set-up that is permanent at the Park. It is very large and some of the trains were running.

We reserved a site at this Park for next February and March. We were required to put a deposit down. The other Park told us yesterday that if they had an opening next year, the money could be moved over to their Park since they are both under the same ownership. I guess that the Good Life Park isn't as busy .

The more we see the Valle del Oro Park, the more we like it.

We just kind of relaxed this afternoon.

Thanks for visiting.

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