Sunday, March 15, 2015

Relaxing and Water Heater Problems

Benson, Arizona          High 72 Low 48

The weather here has been very good, excellent at night for sleeping. The last two days has been windy.

When we woke up yesterday, we had no hot water. I checked and the thermostat that shuts power off when the water gets hot has a loose terminal and only makes contact some of the time, and we have been running it on propane. I went into a RV parts store in Benson, and they didn't have what I needed and the regular parts man wasn't in on Saturdays, so I have to go back tomorrow to see if they can order the part and get it before we leave here. If not, we might have to wait until we get to Phoenix to repair the water heater.
The terminal on the lower left is the loose one. You can see where the terminals have been hot.
Last night there was a band and singing at the Clubhouse. They played and sang 50’s and 60’s tunes. We stayed for a while and listened to them.

We have noticed that when we go to leave the trailer, Penny stands at the top of the stairs with her tail wagging and up. When we tell her she has to stay her tail lowers and hangs down. She sure lets us know how she feels.

There is quite a bit going on here because of the 25th anniversary of the Park next week, but more on that as it happens.

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