Thursday, March 19, 2015

Games at Saguaro Park

Benson, Arizona                   High 64 Low 46

We got a little more rain this afternoon and it was chilly all day.

This morning the day started out with a blind golf cart race. An obstacle course had been set up and the driver was blind folded. The passenger then directed the drive but was not allowed to say right, left, or stop. They had to use other words. Some did really well and others crashed and had to back up. One pair spoke Japanese to give directions. Somebody else won however. It was fun to watch.

Right after lunch there were Silver Olympics. The game included Junga, Bean Bag Toss, cloths pin drop, ping-pong, cake walk, and Ping-Pong ball carry. You only had to participate to be entered in the drawing. I don’t know who won.

Cindy wiped me out,,,,,30 to 0.

I made it without dropping the ball.

Our team won the Ping-Pong match.
Cindy finished sewing her baby quilt. It turned out nice.

At 4:00 we went to happy hour to meet other people in the Park. It was good to meet some of the lease holders.

Tonight’s entertainment was a couple singing old western songs. A lot of the couples danced and it was enjoyable to listen to them.

We are scheduled to be in North Ranch on the 23rd and will stay there for 2 weeks. I want to watch the wood carvers and Cindy plans on going to classes during bead week.

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