Monday, March 2, 2015

Lunch with Friends

Mesa, Arizona                            High 63 Low 46

This morning we left the Phoenix International Raceway with a lot of other RVs. Although there were a lot leaving at the same time we did it went a lot better than I imagined.

It rained some for a lot of the day, but is supposed to be better the rest of the week.

We drove for about an hour to the Good Life RV Resort in Mesa. We arrived at about 11:00 and weren't able to get set up until 12:30. They didn't seem to have a site long enough for us. They had the man leading people to the sites take me to look at a site that we both thought I couldn't get into. They finally found a site that we could get into, but it supposedly was rented until the 7th, but had been vacant since February 17. They had to call the people renting it to see if they were planning on coming back in the next few days. When they weren't they let us have it. In their defense, there were a lot of RVs waiting to check in. A lot of them came from the Rally.

After we got set up, I went to have lunch with Jim and Sandi and their friend Paul and with Rod Ivers. Cindy wasn't feeling well, so I went alone. It was good to see them again. We spent some time talking and then Rod asked me if I wanted to see a different RV Park That he used to stay in before he got his home. I told him I would like to see it.
We couldn't find anyone to take the picture, so Paul took it.
It is a newer Cal-Am Resort, and is a lot bigger than the one we are in. The sites seem larger and looked like we wouldn't have any problem getting into them. They also have a quilt group that meets every week day in a sewing room that has their own sewing machines. We also looked at their wood shop, which has lot of power tools to make anything a person could want in wood.

We will have to give it some thought about staying there next winter.

After leaving Rod, I went and fueled the truck. Diesel has gone up a lot and is now $2.519 per gallon. That is up from $2.239 I paid last time I filled in Yuma two weeks ago. It is still a lot less than a year ago, but I liked the low prices.

I’m not sure what we will be doing tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Good to see you again today. Sure hope Cindy is feeling better.

  2. Sorry we weren't able to meet up with you, Jim and Sandie! We would love to have but we didn't get back to Sherman until just after 12pm with our hosts and then it was pouring rain. Glad you all had a good time.

  3. And of course Sandie beat me to it, but it was fun having lunch and buzzing around Valle Del Oro...

  4. So sorry we missed meeting you two yesterday. We make plans for a few days in advance. If we would have known by Saturday, we could have had the pleasure of meeting you two...minus Cindy. Hope she is feeling much better today.

  5. It's a shame it wasn't today you were having lunch. I have my doctor appointment in Gilbert today. Hopefully, he'll let me walk out of the office.