Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Mesa, Arizona                        High 68 Low 43

Last night it got kind of chilly. Today was a really nice day.

Yesterday we went to Beads Galore in Tempe to get some more supplies for Bead Week which is coming up at the end of the month at North Ranch. We were lucky we went on Tuesday, because they had a 50% off sale on most of their supplies which ended yesterday.

We decided to stay at Good Life RV Park for 3 more days before going to Tucson for Escapade. We leave Saturday morning with about a 3 hour ride to the Fair Grounds.

Today I took Cindy to the other Cal-Am Park Rod showed me and she really like the sewing room and the other amenities. I was sure she would like the one at Valle del Oro better than the one here. We talked it over and decided we wouldn't mind staying there for a couple of months next winter, but when we went to see about it, we were told they had no vacancies in February and March of next year. They even have a waiting list of about 25, but they would be happy to add us to the waiting list. Rod was right, we both liked the Park.

The man at the office told me we could make a reservation at one of their other parks and if he got a cancellation the deposit would be transferred over. We got back here too late to see about a reservation, so I will find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow we plan on going back to Valle del Oro Park for the quilter’s show and tell. They also have a market of some kind going on so we will check that out also. The quilters told us that as long as we were staying at one of the Cal-Am Parks we were welcome to participate in any of their activities.

When we got back to our trailer, we took Penny to the dog park. She sure liked visiting with the other dogs. I took her before we left and she didn't want to come home. She even turned down a treat, which for her, was a first.
Penny with some of her new friends.

She was a little afraid of the larger brown dog.

It's a really nice dog Park. There is a little mud left from the rain. The dog park got flooded.

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  1. Hope they get a cancellation. We looked at the park too. It is so lovely.

  2. Looks like a popular doggie park.

  3. So many RV parks I've never heard of before!! Guess I should travel MORE!!

  4. Oh, rats.... I used to have to make reservations a year early too, but not as early as you must have to now.... Sorry to lead you astray...