Friday, March 6, 2015

Doggie Happy Hour

Mesa, Arizona                                      High 82 Low 54

It warmed up a bunch today and by afternoon it got a little too warm.

This morning the local quilt store had a good sale on material. They had lots of fabric for $3.50 per yard. Cindy had said she wasn't going to buy any more material unless it was yard sale prices or to finish a project. This was almost yard sale priced, so yes Sandi we did buy more material. But we kept it to about 30 yards. LOL

This afternoon I took Penny over to the Dog Park and when we got there it looked like Doggie Happy Hour. Somebody even left a bag of treats for all the dogs. Penny had fun chasing a tennis ball for a little while until another dog got a little aggressive with her. Then she came over and hid behind my legs.   

It's  a nice park for the dogs.

Tonight we had some entertainment. Someone brought a long 5th wheel in next to us. I don’t think he had much experience backing in the dark, because he had a hard time getting into the site. Then he no sooner got parked, when the guide decided he was in the wrong site and someone else was supposed to be in that site. I don’t know why they couldn't just trade sites, but I’m not running things.

The second man had a harder time parking in the site than the first. He did so bad the first try, that he drove around the block and started over. He did better the second time, but still had a  hard time, but like I said, it was a little entertainment tonight.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Tucson to the Escapade. We will have to leave fairly early.

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  1. Our girls don't do well in dog parks if other dogs are around. So doggie happy hour wouldn't be a fun time for us. And why do these people arrive after dark anyhow. That's what I don't understand. But definitely provides entertainment and hopefully no disasters for those watching.

  2. I remember being at a KOA campground once in Prince Edward Island and we liked watching big rigs come in and park. One guy next to us ran into the water tap and electrical pole, knocking it over. I sure hope they don't have as much trouble driving forward on a busy Interstate highway.

    Looks like Penny is in doggy heaven with that nice dog park and so many doggy friends.

  3. The correct term for this is Yappy Hour, Ray. :)