Wednesday, April 25, 2018

We Made It Home

Riverton, Utah             High 73 Low 47

We have been home for a week and this post is a bit late. We had good weather all the way from Yuma. While we had a good drive poor little Penny seemed to get a little sick going over the roller coaster road (from Parker to Needles). But after we finally got to the freeway she seemed to be a lot better.

Penny must be cold at night because for the last week she has slept under the covers right next to me. I know she is going to hate tomorrow because she has to go to the vet to get some of her shots and get checked for heart worm but we need to keep her healthy.

On the way home we stopped to see our new great grand son but I can't seem to find any pictures, I don't know where they went.

We came home to snow on the mountains and all of the following flowers in our yard.

Cindy has been busy working outside and she planted some onions in the garden.

I have been busy also. So far I have quilted three baby quilts and one queen size quilt.

Last Friday was my son Ted's birthday. We went to Salt Lake City and he had his party at a local restaurant. We got to see their new daughter and my two year old grand son.

The proud family.

Cindy's Mom hasn't been doing too well lately. She fell twice in the last week and was admitted to the hospital again. We went to see her today and she seemed very weak. The chart in her room said she might get to go home on the 27th but that was only tentative.

After we saw her we delivered two of the baby quilts, one for our new great grand son and one for the next great grand son that is due anytime.

It is a little hard to tell, but this is the Lion King embroidered onto the blocks.

We found out That Cindy had made, not the fifteen quilts she thought over the winter, but 19 so I have a few more to quilt.

I had to take our truck in to get it worked on. It had a bad transmission leak that turned out to be the trans cooler lines had rubbed together until they leaked. The new ones with labor cost a little over $500 to replace.

Now they have our fifth wheel working on it. I wasn't able to get the grease fittings on the spring ends to take grease on about half of them and thought I better get it fixed before we have a problem somewhere down the road.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Getting Ready to Head Back To Utah

Yuma, Arizona           High 77 Low 54

We got Penny a hair cut yesterday in preparation to going back to Utah. She wasn't very happy about it but now she isn't so shaggy.

We have been loading the car and I don't know why we always seem to have too much to take with us, either coming here or going. Part of it is that Cindy spent a lot of her time this winter making quilts, I think 15, but am not sure. Now I have to get them quilted before we leave Riverton for the west coast. And the kids have told me that my little shadow wants me to get back so he can help quilt.

Cindy saw some pictures of our yard in Riverton and is looking forward to working on the yard and her flowers. There always seems to be lots to do.

I have to get the fifth wheel and truck worked on before we can leave, but it shouldn't take too long.

We don't dare get too far from home because of Cindy's Mom, who is doing pretty well and is at her home now, but we never know.

We both have enjoyed our time here in Yuma this winter and look forward to when we can return next fall. The weather next week is predicted to reach almost 100.

I guess we are leaving at about the right time although it is supposed to be snowing through a lot of Utah today but the prediction says good weather tomorrow.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Signs of Spring

Yuma, Arizona          High 94 Low 66

One of the sure signs that spring has come to Yuma is all the motor homes and campers on the road North. Our Park still has quite a few people here, but there are a lot of empty sights.

This morning one of our neighbors were trying to leave but one of their slides on their motor home wouldn't retract. I went over to see if I could be of any assistance. He ended up using two long bolts and screwing them in which brought the slide in manually. We got it in about 4 inches and he pried the slide up slightly and all of a sudden it seemed to come free after which he could use the hydraulics to bring the slide in. He said he probably would keep the slide in until they get home in Oregon.

We have seen a few cactus in bloom along with all the bougainvillea.

And did I mention how warm it has been getting lately, almost 100 (98) yesterday. It hasn't been that warm since we got here in October. We are supposed to get a little cooler next Thursday, clear down to 84, but first reaching 100 on Tuesday.

We got some sunset pictures. We seem to have nicer sunsets here in Arizona than anywhere we've been.

We were over visiting one of our Canadian friends last week and noticed a humming bird nest in a small palm tree. We watched for a while and got to see the hummingbird land and leave a few times. The nest is only about waist high off the ground and we saw that there are two very small eggs in the nest. Last night we had very strong winds and I decided to see if the nest was OK. When I looked the mother bird was sitting on the nest gently rocking in the wind, so I guess she is alright.

The nest is a little larger than a silver dollar and the eggs are about the size of my small finger nail.

We still are not sure when we are leaving since snow is predicted in Salt Lake City next Friday and I have no desire to drive home in the snow.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Yuma, Arizona            High 91 Low 64

We both wish you a happy Easter.

Our day started out with giving Penny a bath. She is a lot better about it than when she was younger.

We had an Easter dinner for some of our friends here in the Park. We had a total of 12 here for dinner. Each couple brought something for the dinner with us supplying the ham and a potato cheese casserole. There was lot of food and after eating we sat around and visited for a while.

We were going to have it outside but it was so warm and windy that we decided to have it inside where we thought it would be more comfortable for everyone.

This evening it has cooled off a lot and is quite nice outside. 

Some of our friends are leaving soon to go back to Canada and others are headed east. We still plan on being here until about the middle of April.

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