Sunday, April 8, 2018

Signs of Spring

Yuma, Arizona          High 94 Low 66

One of the sure signs that spring has come to Yuma is all the motor homes and campers on the road North. Our Park still has quite a few people here, but there are a lot of empty sights.

This morning one of our neighbors were trying to leave but one of their slides on their motor home wouldn't retract. I went over to see if I could be of any assistance. He ended up using two long bolts and screwing them in which brought the slide in manually. We got it in about 4 inches and he pried the slide up slightly and all of a sudden it seemed to come free after which he could use the hydraulics to bring the slide in. He said he probably would keep the slide in until they get home in Oregon.

We have seen a few cactus in bloom along with all the bougainvillea.

And did I mention how warm it has been getting lately, almost 100 (98) yesterday. It hasn't been that warm since we got here in October. We are supposed to get a little cooler next Thursday, clear down to 84, but first reaching 100 on Tuesday.

We got some sunset pictures. We seem to have nicer sunsets here in Arizona than anywhere we've been.

We were over visiting one of our Canadian friends last week and noticed a humming bird nest in a small palm tree. We watched for a while and got to see the hummingbird land and leave a few times. The nest is only about waist high off the ground and we saw that there are two very small eggs in the nest. Last night we had very strong winds and I decided to see if the nest was OK. When I looked the mother bird was sitting on the nest gently rocking in the wind, so I guess she is alright.

The nest is a little larger than a silver dollar and the eggs are about the size of my small finger nail.

We still are not sure when we are leaving since snow is predicted in Salt Lake City next Friday and I have no desire to drive home in the snow.

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  1. LOVE your pictures. Funny how the hummers like the palm trees. Stay as long as you can ... it's still cold, wet and snowy up North!!

  2. The blooms are all so pretty.