Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Getting Ready to Head Back To Utah

Yuma, Arizona           High 77 Low 54

We got Penny a hair cut yesterday in preparation to going back to Utah. She wasn't very happy about it but now she isn't so shaggy.

We have been loading the car and I don't know why we always seem to have too much to take with us, either coming here or going. Part of it is that Cindy spent a lot of her time this winter making quilts, I think 15, but am not sure. Now I have to get them quilted before we leave Riverton for the west coast. And the kids have told me that my little shadow wants me to get back so he can help quilt.

Cindy saw some pictures of our yard in Riverton and is looking forward to working on the yard and her flowers. There always seems to be lots to do.

I have to get the fifth wheel and truck worked on before we can leave, but it shouldn't take too long.

We don't dare get too far from home because of Cindy's Mom, who is doing pretty well and is at her home now, but we never know.

We both have enjoyed our time here in Yuma this winter and look forward to when we can return next fall. The weather next week is predicted to reach almost 100.

I guess we are leaving at about the right time although it is supposed to be snowing through a lot of Utah today but the prediction says good weather tomorrow.

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  1. Penny is going to freeze to death. Safe travels.

  2. Penny needs a blanky!! Or maybe a quilt!! Drive safe ... the cold weather is going to be a shock!!

  3. Wish we could have enjoyed some more of that warmer weather, Travel safe heading back home to cold weather is not fun.