Monday, August 28, 2023

Penny Got A Haircut and Yard Work

 Riverton, Utah      High 90 Low 62

We still have had a few evening rain storms and it is still warm.

Penny finally got a hair cut. The main difference I see is that now she is my dog most of the night. She gets cold and wants to be under the covers and either on me or right beside me. 

We have been redoing our front yard planting area next to our home. Cindy said she is tired of all the weeding, so we dug out the flower bulbs and strawberries we were using for ground cover, and put in weed guard and gravel. It has been so warm, that we could only work outside for a while in the mornings. It is slowly getting finished.

I had a little weed barrier left, which I used, but I had to order more from Amazon which should be here today.

In between, I got a very large Christmas quilt finished.

Yes, it has lots of pieces, the quilt measured 108 by 120 inches. Cindy likes this pattern and has done it several times in other colors.

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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Last Of The Apricots

 Riverton, Utah          High 81 Low 65

We have had cloudy days for the last while with rain in the evening. We haven't had lots of rain, but enough to know we have some. Tomorrow is going to be windy according to the weather guessers.

We finally had almost all the apricots fall (and were knocked) down. The main problem when we picked them up were all the wasps and hornets eating the over-ripe fruit. I killed a lot of them, but Cindy got stung by a bee she didn't see as she tried to pick up the apricots.

We still have a nice crop of apples, but they won't be ripe for another month. I have tried to be careful about spraying the fruit when I should and hopefully we don't get wormy apples or pears.

And in between all the gardening. Cindy has been busy sewing more quilts. I got two of them quilted.

They were both edge to edge, so they didn't take me too long to quilt.

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Car Show

 Riverton, Utah        High 88 Low 66

It has been a little warm the last few days. Actually it has been a little below normal.

Friday afternoon we went to a car show put on by a local Chevrolet dealer. They told us to RSVP for dinner, but I guess they changed their minds, because when we got there, there were food trucks giving food to all. There were tacos, corn dogs on a stick, various drinks, and a fruit slushy. No way anyone could go hungry unless they wanted to. 

We were told they had 163 cars entered, from oldies to newer one. There were a lot of people visiting.

We had to wait in line for the food.

We both thought this motor-cycle with it's side-car was kind of neat, although I don't think it is very old.

I did start another quilt and the way Cindy wants it finished will take a while to do. 

We have been picking up fallen apricots twice a day, and they finally seem to be getting less all the time. Cindy's tomatoes are coming on and she has been bottling them.

Last Wednesday, we had some of our friends from Yuma stop by and we went to lunch with them. They told us to go where it wasn't fancy so we took them to a very unfancy restaurant called The Philadelphian. It is a very plain place, but their sandwiches and home style fry's are very good. They did get to take a bag of apricots and some tomatoes with them.

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Sunday, August 6, 2023

More Apricots and Quilts

 Riverton, Utah          High 84 Low 61

The weather her has been really unusual. The first part of the week, we probably set new records for rain fall. One evening it was coming down so hard that we couldn't see our neighbors. Then we got cooler days with highs in the upper 70s. Then the last two days it got back to more normal, with highs in the mid 80s.

We have been picking lots of apricots along with picking up buckets full off the ground that the birds and wind made fall. Cindy's tomatoes are finally getting ripe and we will soon have more than we know what to do with. She also has a few pumpkins that are starting to turn a little bit orange.

I got two quilts finished, one for Cindy and a small baby quilt for a customer

This quilt, Cindy told me to pick patterns and color of thread. I think I picked a little too dark of thread color, because most of the outside border the color blend's in too much and you can't see the quilting very well.

My customer's quilt is a very small baby quilt and she brought pictures of how she wanted it quilted. It was fairly easy to do.

That is about all that happened this week.

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