Sunday, August 22, 2021

Smokes Back, Estate Sale, Another Quilt

 Riverton, Utah        High 82 Low 57

We got a lot of rain and then the winds changed and we got the smoke back. It is also supposed to get warmer again.

We went to an estate sale Friday. It was held at a really nice home. Cindy saw a piece of stained glass hanging and when she asked the price, she said sold. Later when we were ready to check out, The man running the sale told us that while he was putting the sold sign on it two other people wanted it. 

This is after I got it home and hung it where she wanted it.

We also found a lot of ceramic pots that Cindy wants to put flowers in next year.

They had a lot of other nice things but we felt they wanted too much, so we went back today which is half price day. We got some more stained glass, a table decoration, a Polish Glass vase, and a metal flower pot stand. 

There are 3 of these stained glass panels. They will take a little more work to hang than the first one but will look nice where Cindy want to hang them.

This decorative pulled glass vase looks good in our formal living room and Cindy thinks the colors are perfect.

This flower stand needs paint, but will go somewhere in our garden.

Cindy has the little vases wrapped up but she says she will decide where to put the table decoration.

I finished the last quilt Cindy has ready, so I hope for cooler weather so I can do all the outside Honey does. This quilt is the same pattern we made earlier but this one is king size.

There are lots of little pieces in this quilt. 

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

We Got Rid Of The Smoke

 Riverton, Utah        High 68 Low 55

The winds shifted for a few days and all the smoke left.......but then it came back even worse. And to add to all the smoke from California, we had a fire about 20 miles from us that burned about 6000 acres. About 10,000 people were evacuated for fear of burning homes. Fortunately we got some rain yesterday which slowed the fire down and the people were allowed to return to their homes. 

Then the rain really came down last night and this morning. I think the fire was probably extinguished. It is supposed to rain off and on for the next few day. The bad thing is that more flooding is expected in central and southern Utah. We are never happy. The temperatures are more like fall right now but the weather guessers say it will warm up again.

 Now more quilt pictures. This quilt is a three-D quilt that has been finished for probably 10 years waiting for me to quilt it. I'm afraid it got put until last, and it was the very last quilt I had to do for Cindy (she has finished another one since I started on it). She told me to do whatever I wanted, and it was still a challenge because of the three-D blocks. I think it turned out well.

There are 12 large blocks that are all different and 20 smaller blocks that are all the same. All of them have three-D in them. It was a challenge to quilt and took way longer than usual.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Smoke and More Quilts

 Riverton, Utah         High 91 Low 63

Last week we had lots of rain and then it cooled off a little and the wind came in from the west again and we are getting a lot of smoke from California fires. The first picture is looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains. From the picture, if I didn't know there were 11,000 foot mountains there, I wouldn't know it.

The mountains to the east are about 10 miles from us.

The next picture is looking west and these mountains are not as high but are only about 5 miles from us,

What Mountains?

We were out yard selling on Friday and we could actually see the smoke coming into the trees about one block away and it smells like smoke every time we open the door or go outside. This is supposed to last until about next Thursday.

Side note: We found about 34 Yards of good quilting material in 3 bolts for $45.00 at one yard sale. We couldn't pass that up.

Meanwhile we have both been busy quilting, Cindy making them and I have been busy quilting. 

The first one is fairly small (for Cindy) and she told me to do an overall pattern, except for the border.

The next one measured 110 inches square. Again she told me to do an overall pattern except the borders. It still took quite a while to quilt because of the size and the borders took some time.

It goes without saying that Cindy really likes pieced Quilts. 

Next I stole this picture from a blog. It is one answer to a Covid Passport.

I hope you are having a great day.

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Monday, August 2, 2021

A Little Rain ?

 Riverton, Utah        High 75 Low 63

We finally got lots of rain, not just a little. Most of northern Utah has had flooding. Not that southern Utah got away without more flooding. A small town by Cedar City had major floods. Maybe too many people prayed for rain and got more than they wanted. LOL I guess you better be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

East High School in Salt Lake City had it's four year old gym floor ruined by flooding. It was replaced last time because of flooding 

This picture was taken from the middle of 13th East, Which is a lot higher in elevation than downtown Salt Lake. All that water was supposed to go down 8th South but instead went south on 13th East.

Downtown Salt Lake City got lots of water also which the following pictures show.

These pictures were taken on 6th south and State, not far from where the flood pictures were taken in 1983 on my last post. 

We had pictures of a semi truck that the truck had skidded off the highway and had the truck hanging over an overpass. This happened north of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15.

Quite a few places got 2 inches in an hour and the storm drains can't handle it.

Interstate 70 in Colorado had a mud slide which cover the whole highway with from 10 to 12 feet of mud and rocks. They are not sure when the Interstate will be open and are detouring all traffic around it which takes an extra 4 hours of travel. It is somewhere west of Denver.

In spite of all the rain we have had, we have been told it still doesn't relieve all the drought and low lakes. 

Now here are some more quilt pictures:

The violin quilt is one I quilted for a customer. 

Cindy does like her pieced quilts. 

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