Sunday, August 22, 2021

Smokes Back, Estate Sale, Another Quilt

 Riverton, Utah        High 82 Low 57

We got a lot of rain and then the winds changed and we got the smoke back. It is also supposed to get warmer again.

We went to an estate sale Friday. It was held at a really nice home. Cindy saw a piece of stained glass hanging and when she asked the price, she said sold. Later when we were ready to check out, The man running the sale told us that while he was putting the sold sign on it two other people wanted it. 

This is after I got it home and hung it where she wanted it.

We also found a lot of ceramic pots that Cindy wants to put flowers in next year.

They had a lot of other nice things but we felt they wanted too much, so we went back today which is half price day. We got some more stained glass, a table decoration, a Polish Glass vase, and a metal flower pot stand. 

There are 3 of these stained glass panels. They will take a little more work to hang than the first one but will look nice where Cindy want to hang them.

This decorative pulled glass vase looks good in our formal living room and Cindy thinks the colors are perfect.

This flower stand needs paint, but will go somewhere in our garden.

Cindy has the little vases wrapped up but she says she will decide where to put the table decoration.

I finished the last quilt Cindy has ready, so I hope for cooler weather so I can do all the outside Honey does. This quilt is the same pattern we made earlier but this one is king size.

There are lots of little pieces in this quilt. 

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  1. You guys find the best things at yard sales. That stained glass is amazing. You're going to have to buy Cindy another sewing machine soon ... surely that one is wearing out by now with all those tiny-piece quilts!!!