Friday, September 10, 2021

Time For An Update

 Riverton, Utah       High 90 Low 66

It has been hot and smoky for the past while. Salt Lake City set a new record high today (again).

Cindy and I have been doing some work around the yard and of course quilting. 

We don't have any plans to go anywhere until we leave for Yuma in about 6 weeks. 

I have more pictures of quilts we have finished lately. I finally had a baby quilt that took me longer to quilt than it took Cindy to make. It was a large panel That she just had to put borders around. The actual quilting didn't take too long but we decided to make the clouds puffy and that is what took the time.


We also made a flannel thrown that didn't take either of us very long. The top is just three pieces sewed together with a flannel back. I had trouble quilting it because it wanted to stretch very much, so I couldn't pull it tight at all. 

Another quilt is a large quilt with many, many pieces. This one took Cindy quite a while to piece. She let me do an overall pattern, so I wasn't very long quilting it. She does like her pieced quilts.

We have a planter box on our downstairs patio that used to have a weeping cherry tree in it. When the tree died we put a large pot in the center of it that is raised up with area around the pot to plant flowers. This year Cindy planted nasturtiums several places around the pot (which measures 3 feet in diameter and is 2 feet tall above the planter). The planter is two feet off the concrete and the nasturtiums have gone crazy, so what ever we are doing must work.

You can see how large they got, even reaching the ground and almost covering the pot, which is not visible.

And finally, one last quilt which I finished today. Cindy made two of them that are identical.

I still have the other one to finish and I am putting different patterns in the borders. 

We have been eating fresh tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden, along with eating peaches that the birds have knocked off the peach tree. The peaches aren't quite ready, but when the birds have pecked them and made them fall, I can't see wasting all of the peach.

I hope you don't get too tired of all the quilt pictures.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Most beautiful, as usual. You are quite a team!

  2. I need to come up with some words other than WOW ... cuz WOW I do love your quilts. Except for that one with a million pieces ... I could never put together anything like that one. It makes my head hurt there are so many pieces. Love the last one!!!!!