Monday, September 27, 2021

It's starting to look like Halloween

 Riverton, Utah        High 84 Low 57

It's starting to get a little cooler. We still have some smoke in the Salt Lake Valley but not as bad as it was. It is supposed to cool off a lot by Thursday.

Penny makes (as if she were big enough to make me do anything I don't want to do) me take her for a walk most evenings. More about that later.

One of our neighbors that really gets into Halloween is getting ready to have her annual show. Last year they won first place for the Riverton Halloween Decorating Contest. I asked her if she was trying to win again, and she told me she doesn't know if they are having the contest this year.

These look a lot better with the lights on, rather than during the daytime. They are going to light them up at the end of this week and I'll try to put more pictures on the post then.

Cindy found a really nice cabinet for her Fat Quarters for $20.00 at a yard sale in our neighborhood. It is the perfect size for the small fabric pieces.  

And of course I have been fairly busy quilting. Cindy made some baby quilts.

I also finished a small quilt for my customer. She made it for a new grand-daughter.

Today I went to the Doctor for my annual wellness check. I had visited the vampires earlier for the blood tests. The Doctor said not much change in a year, so he felt like I would continue to live. Actually he told me I was in pretty good shape for my age. 

One of the questions the technician asked was if I did any exercise. She was happy to hear that I went for walks with Penny, and said that did count as exercise, even though I walk two miles and Penny probably walks three. She has a favorite route and has to smell all the pee-mail every day. Maybe to make sure there haven't been any new dogs on her grass along the way. 

Now you might think Penny is a little spoiled, but you would be wrong. She is a lot spoiled. She really is the Queen of the roost.

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  1. Penny definitely rules the roost ... just like Cooper, only he won't walk that far. He makes me carry him back!! Nice cabinet!!! Pretty soon you will be able to open up a fabric shop!! LOL. Love that first pattern ... it's actually one I have!!