Monday, October 4, 2021

It's October and Really Looking Like Halloween Now

 Riverton, Utah        High 79 Low 50

It is starting to feel a lot more like fall. Cool night and fairly warm days. Next week the weather guessers are predicting freezing temperatures and a chance of snow one day.

Today, I guess a crisis was averted. Facebook was down for a while and they managed to get it going again before there were riots from FBW (that's FaceBook Withdrawal). Am I ever glad. LOL

The neighbors I took pictures of their decorations last post,  got their lights going and it looks a lot more like Halloween. 

The coffin, on the shoulders, has a motor that lifts the lid a little way and then recloses to look like someone trying to get out.

There is a ghost in the window that moves around. 

This little building has a floor that is set up to sink as soon as you step on it. It is a little unnerving when you don't expect it.

These witches were stirring their brew.

A better picture of the ghost. Also the books move in and out on the shelves of the bookcase.

And, of course, another quilt which we finished.

This is the quilt still on the machine before I got the binding sewed on. Cindy found most of the squares for this quilt at a yard sale which she paid $4.00 for the blocks which were pre-cut. We did have the material for the back.

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  1. Boy do I love those Halloween pictures. Wish I had time to set up, but I'm not sure anyone will be coming around this year. The false floor .. that's a good one!!!