Monday, February 28, 2022

Yard Sale Items

 Yuma, Arizona          High 82 Low 49

It has been a lot nicer weather here and is expected to get even higher.

Just before we came back to Yuma, we went to an estate sale in South Jordan, Utah. The prices were more than reasonable. For instance the large Santa in the pictures was priced at $20.00 and we got it for $15.00.

The rest of the things were equally as good of bargains. 

We have both been busy while here in Yuma.

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Friday, February 25, 2022


Yuma, Arizona      High 68 Low 36

The weather has been cooler than usual for here. I looked at the weather back in Utah and it got down to 10 degrees F. This makes me glad we are here instead of back in Riverton.

We went to a Pizza place with some friends. The reason we picked the place we did was because they had individual rooms with a big table so we are away from the other patrons. The room we had is called the Marilyn room. The reason is pretty obvious.

All the walls were covered with pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

The deer head even had earrings, pearl necklace, and lipstick.

Here are the friends we were with.

We got a whole pizza so we could have pizza for a meal an other day.

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

Back In Yuma

Yuma, Arizona       High 77 Low 40

Last week got very windy and cold (for here). It is still a lot warmer than back in Utah. Next week it is supposed to make it to 85.

When our friend Nancy was here in January, She gave Cindy a large box of  Quilting scraps. Cindy said it was like Christmas again. Included was a jelly-roll of purple fabrics. Cindy promptly made a quilt out of it. Below is how it turned out. 

She has finished three more quilts since we got back to Yuma.

She couldn't decide whether to make this one in blue or pink, so she made it in both colors.

This is one we finished today. The reason she worked on it was that the last trip we took with her Mom while she was in good health was to the Amish Country in Indiana and Iowa.

She tells me she wants me to be busy quilting when we get back to Utah.

We have tried to be very careful around people here in the Park. There has been a lot of cases of Covid and one man died from complications caused by the virus. He did have other complications. Last I heard, another lady was in the hospital with the virus.

I can only hope things get get better soon. Mean while we are doing lots of quilting and avoiding crowds.

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