Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Got in a Fight With the Lawn Mower And Guess Who Won

Riverton, Utah         High 90 Low 64

It has been unusually warm in Salt Lake Valley for some time now. According to the weather guessers we are setting records almost daily. Last time I heard, August was the hottest it has ever been for the month.

We both have been very busy, so much that we are looking forward to going to Yuma. I finally decided to quilt Cindy's very large embroidered Santa quilt. I started it two years ago and finally got in the mood to try to finish it. Cindy has been busy making more quilts so I don't get caught up.

Last Friday I noticed a yard sale that had fabric. It wasn't too far from us so we went to see if they had anything worthwhile. Boy, did they. Full bolts of good batiks for $2.00 a yard. And yes, we gave in and bought some (70 + yards). We think you can never have too much fabric.

We are sorry to hear about all the damage and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. From the TV, it looks like very severe damage which will take a long time to recover from.

Now to the part of this Post which talks about the title. I was trying to start our lawnmower that we haven't used for a while. There is a bar you have to hold to get ignition while pulling the starter rope. I was pulling and it didn't want to start and I gave it a big pull and it must have backfired. The starter rope pulled out of my right hand with the handle hitting the top of my left hand. It really hurt and I looked down and was bleeding about as bad as any cut I've ever had. It looked bad enough to probably need stitches, so off to the Insta-care we went. While the Doctor was cleaning the cut out it looked like the Grand Canyon in the top of my hand. It actually was only about a half inch deep and the Doctor said I would probably loose the flap of skin and he put 4 stitches in my hand.

So in the fight with the Lawn Mower, who won? Of course the lawn mower won. Maybe it time to invest in a new one.

When they took the old bandage off and looked to make sure there was no infection, they said everything looked good. It will be about 8 more days before the stitches come out. At least it doesn't hurt like it did for the first two days.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Day

Riverton, Utah          High 88 Low 62

Today was cloudy all day and thunder showers are predicted for tonight and tomorrow and then it is supposed to be unusually hot.

We got to watch the partial eclipse yesterday. Salt Lake had about 92% eclipse. What we noticed was although it was a clear day; it got darker like a cloudy day. During the eclipse we were only getting about half the solar production on our home compared to the day before at the same time.

Another thing I noticed was fuzzy shadows. The first on I noticed was the extra shadow from the truck then the tree leaf shadows looked different.

I tried to take a picture of the eclipse with my phone but it didn’t look any different than the sun with the exception of a small crescent below the main picture that was what we were seeing.
 The small image below the sun is what we were seeing.

’s pictures of the eclipse, the suns crescent went from left over the top then to the right. What we saw went from left to the bottom and then to the right. She was north of the total while we are south. It was kind of neat to see. 

Thanks, Nancy for the picture.
Before the eclipse started, I put leaf guards in our rain gutter to stop the ice that came off the solar panels from plugging the gutter. Before we left on our summer travels we notice water running down the side of the house from the ice, so I felt like I had to do something to stop the water. Hopefully the leaf guards let the ice go off the roof instead of into the gutters.

What I'm holding is the perforated leaf guard that stops leaves while letting water through.
We have got most of the things taken care of before we can go to Yuma. The main thing we are waiting for now is cooler weather there. 111 degrees is way too hot for us.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Update On Cindy's Mom

Riverton, Utah         High 92 Low 64

It was a nice day today. According to the weather guessers there may or may not be clouds for the partial eclipse tomorrow. We are supposed to get about 92% which is plenty for me. We didn't feel like going to Idaho with all the other millions that will be there tomorrow. All the reports say lots of traffic going north.

We went to see Cindy's Mom last Sunday and she looked better than she did our whole trip. I helped her with a puzzle for a while.

She got to go home Friday and we talked to her for a little while.

Cindy and I have been busy doing things around home and I have been busy quilting, both for Cindy and two ladies in our neighborhood. It's good that I don't have a quilting machine in Yuma or that is probably all I would be doing.

We are down to less than 6 weeks until we head south to Yuma. I still have lots of little things to do before we leave in between quilting for Cindy.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Meeting New Friends

Riverton, Utah    High 83 Low 63

It was a little cooler today and we got a few rain drops. The air looks polluted and I guess from a fire somewhere.

We drove into Salt Lake City for lunch with fellow bloggers, Mike and Sandy Mills of Phannie and Mae. We found them to be a friendly and easy to like couple. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and we all seemed to like our lunch. After lunch we stayed and talked for a while. We have found most bloggers that we  meet are just friends we haven't yet met.

We talked about some of our travels and compared notes.

Mike said they plan on being in Arizona this winter and we hope to be able to get together there.

I had read some of their problems while they we in Indiana and Mike reiterated some of them.

We were there at the same time they were but were so busy with Cindy's Mom that I didn't contact them to get together.

We went to Orem to see her Sunday and she seemed to be doing OK. Linda told us that she will be going home from the Rehab facility in a week and a half so I guess the doctors think she is OK also.

We had ADT out yesterday to get our alarm system going and what they thought would be a 4 hour job ended up taking him 9 hours. At least he was persistent. The major problem seemed to be the original wiring to the key pads. It took him a long time to figure it out. Now we are protected again and I got the new app for my phone.

Cindy has been busy working on making quilts and I have been busy doing quilting.

I hope every one out there is doing alright.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Staying Busy

Riverton, Utah       High 91 Low 67

It was a little cooler today (it was up to 101). 91 feels a lot better than 101.

We have been really busy since we got home. Cindy has been very busy digging weeds. I have finished one quilt and nearly a second one. She is also working on more quilts for me to do.

All this and lots of other things have kept us busy. I still need to get the truck worked on and the Pontiac is due for emissions and inspection so we can get the new registration for the coming year.

Our home owners insurance ran out in May and I wasn't notified so I had to get the insurance re-instated. They offered a big discount if we had a security monitor. We used to have one working but our home got hit by lightning 10 years ago and it ruined the security system along with a lot of other electrical devices and we never got the system going or monitored again.

Anyway we had ADT come out and looked things over and they are coming out next Monday to get the system going again. And I get a new app for my phone (just what I need, one more app). The discount was worth it though.

Linda called tonight and said their Mom was retaining fluid again and has gained water weight again. We will see how that goes.

Heather and the kids went to a family reunion and will be gone until sometime Sunday. It is kind of quiet without my little shadow.

Penny is getting very shaggy and the earliest we could get her a hair cut was next Thursday.

I guess we will stay busy for the time being.

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