Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Day

Riverton, Utah          High 88 Low 62

Today was cloudy all day and thunder showers are predicted for tonight and tomorrow and then it is supposed to be unusually hot.

We got to watch the partial eclipse yesterday. Salt Lake had about 92% eclipse. What we noticed was although it was a clear day; it got darker like a cloudy day. During the eclipse we were only getting about half the solar production on our home compared to the day before at the same time.

Another thing I noticed was fuzzy shadows. The first on I noticed was the extra shadow from the truck then the tree leaf shadows looked different.

I tried to take a picture of the eclipse with my phone but it didn’t look any different than the sun with the exception of a small crescent below the main picture that was what we were seeing.
 The small image below the sun is what we were seeing.

’s pictures of the eclipse, the suns crescent went from left over the top then to the right. What we saw went from left to the bottom and then to the right. She was north of the total while we are south. It was kind of neat to see. 

Thanks, Nancy for the picture.
Before the eclipse started, I put leaf guards in our rain gutter to stop the ice that came off the solar panels from plugging the gutter. Before we left on our summer travels we notice water running down the side of the house from the ice, so I felt like I had to do something to stop the water. Hopefully the leaf guards let the ice go off the roof instead of into the gutters.

What I'm holding is the perforated leaf guard that stops leaves while letting water through.
We have got most of the things taken care of before we can go to Yuma. The main thing we are waiting for now is cooler weather there. 111 degrees is way too hot for us.

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  1. Getting ready to hot the road again to the southwest, we are getting things ready for that as well.

  2. Hoping it cools off soon!! Give Penny a hug for me!!