Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I Got in a Fight With the Lawn Mower And Guess Who Won

Riverton, Utah         High 90 Low 64

It has been unusually warm in Salt Lake Valley for some time now. According to the weather guessers we are setting records almost daily. Last time I heard, August was the hottest it has ever been for the month.

We both have been very busy, so much that we are looking forward to going to Yuma. I finally decided to quilt Cindy's very large embroidered Santa quilt. I started it two years ago and finally got in the mood to try to finish it. Cindy has been busy making more quilts so I don't get caught up.

Last Friday I noticed a yard sale that had fabric. It wasn't too far from us so we went to see if they had anything worthwhile. Boy, did they. Full bolts of good batiks for $2.00 a yard. And yes, we gave in and bought some (70 + yards). We think you can never have too much fabric.

We are sorry to hear about all the damage and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. From the TV, it looks like very severe damage which will take a long time to recover from.

Now to the part of this Post which talks about the title. I was trying to start our lawnmower that we haven't used for a while. There is a bar you have to hold to get ignition while pulling the starter rope. I was pulling and it didn't want to start and I gave it a big pull and it must have backfired. The starter rope pulled out of my right hand with the handle hitting the top of my left hand. It really hurt and I looked down and was bleeding about as bad as any cut I've ever had. It looked bad enough to probably need stitches, so off to the Insta-care we went. While the Doctor was cleaning the cut out it looked like the Grand Canyon in the top of my hand. It actually was only about a half inch deep and the Doctor said I would probably loose the flap of skin and he put 4 stitches in my hand.

So in the fight with the Lawn Mower, who won? Of course the lawn mower won. Maybe it time to invest in a new one.

When they took the old bandage off and looked to make sure there was no infection, they said everything looked good. It will be about 8 more days before the stitches come out. At least it doesn't hurt like it did for the first two days.

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  1. This lawn mowers can be fiesta machines, yes think its time for a new one.

  2. YIKES!!! I HATE it when that happens. The lawnmower that is. 70 yards of fabric??? Good for you! I'm glad to know I'm not the only fabric addict ... but at that price, how could you NOT buy it!!

  3. I had one of those Lawnmowers. It was more of a pain then in the hand. Glad your injury wasn't more serious.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Lawnmower?? what's that? Sorry about your hand though. Definitely time to get a new one. At least you didn't have to get a rabies shot.

    1. A lawn mower is a tool, usually gas run, which cuts your grass (The green stuff growing in your yard) so it doesn't get too long, unlike the fake stuff they have in Arizona made of plastic. lol

  5. You might take my approach and invest in a good friend (or neighbor) to mow the lawn for you ;)