Saturday, July 27, 2019

Back In Utah

Riverton, Utah           High 84 Low 64

It was cloudy today and is supposed to hit the high 90's tomorrow and for the next week. It is too warm for me.

Last night we were in a Passport America in Wendell, Idaho with poor wi-fi. The Park was ok for one night and we got free breakfast this morning.

We spent about 5 hours driving home to Riverton without any problems.

The night we were in Ontario, Oregon there was a small rodeo going on. We walked over and got a few pictures of the rodeo.

Cindy got a picture of a little girl (she asked her mother) that was painted up.

We got pictures of the bucking horses, calf roping, and steer wrestling. It was a rodeo for a children's group and was kind of short. There weren't too many people in the bleachers.

This little girl started the event by riding the arena with the US flag.

Some of the cowboys had their calf stand up which disqualifies them.

Some had their steer get away.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Quilt Stores And Traveling Again.

Ontario, Oregon        High 96  Low 62

It is a lot warmer here than we have been in the last almost 3 weeks. Both AC's are helping but haven't cooled off enough.

Last nigh the Park we were in had free hand made ice cream. It was made in an old John Deere mixer. The ice cream was good.

Cindy got a picture of where we were parked.

This morning be fore we left, we drove into Kennewich to see the Quilt Stores in that town.

We got to see several quilts we liked but Cindy didn't buy anything, no material, no patterns.

We then had a very boring drive to Ontario, Oregon, there isn't a whole lot of scenery. One hill by Pendelton, Oregon is very long. I don't know if it is as steep or as long a Parley's Summit back in Utah on I80 but it seemed like it to me. Whenever I have to go east on I80 when we are pulling, I always go south to Orem and go past Deer Creek Reservoir and Provo Canyon. It is a little longer but at least the climb isn't as bad.

We are staying at the Fairground with Passport America. They have 50 amp power and water and a dump station on the way out. It is not great but good enough for one night.

Tomorrow we are trying a new, to us, park in Wendell, Idaho for one night, then on to home.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Still In Washington

Kennewick, Washington            High 84 Low 54

Sorry no pictures today

Today we left Randle early. I had an appointment to have the rear brakes on my truck worked on. One of the rotors was groved and the discs completely worn out. It has been making a noise lately and I thought of waiting until I got back to Utah but decided I better get them repaired.

It was so bad that one of the calipers had to be replaced and the total bill was $1231.  This has sure been an expensive trip.

We have friends from Yuma, Rob and Sharon Newton, that live in Richland. Rob highly recommended Affordable RV and Truck Repair in Richland. After talking to him and sending my trucks serial number he was willing to order parts and said he would work me in today. He assured me that he could get it finished if I got it to him by noon. He called at 5:15 saying he was finished.

I was totally impressed with the service I got. How many repair shops would order parts from a phone call with no deposit?

Rob and Sharon picked me up at his shop and we picked Cindy up at the RV Park, Columbia Sun RV Resort, where we are staying. We then went to lunch and went to see their home and visited for a while. We are here with Passport America and it still is a little high priced but it is one of the nicer RV Parks we have stayed in. The sites we got are pull through and are huge.

Rob picked me up when the truck was finished and took me to pick up the truck. We really appreciate what our friends did for me.

Tomorrow we are headed to Ontario, Oregon where we will stay for the night.

We are slowly heading back to Utah.

One of the readers asked about the road going to Mt St Helen. The road was so rough that Penny wasn't feeling well. She gets car sick but she still likes to be with her people.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mount Rainier

Randle, Washington       High 74 Low 52

Today we drove to Mount Rainier National Park. The day started very cloudy and we weren't sure we would even get to see the Mountain but as we got closer the clouds mostly went away and we had excellent views of the Mountain with the top surrounded with clouds.

We took this picture when we got back to Packwood.

Today must have been the day everyone went there because when we got to the parking lot at Paradise it looked full. We did manage to get a spot and as we were leaving we noticed someone looking for a space. Cindy told him we were leaving and to wait for ours which he did.

While we were at Paradise, we went in the visitors center and the old Lodge. We found out that the Lodge had opened in 1921. It was fun seeing inside.

We had several view stops along the way and we stopped more going back than going in because the sun was better. There are several lakes along the way.

Cindy took lots of pictures of waterfalls and flowers.

After seeing the National Park, we made our mandatory quilt shop stop. We have found the store in Packwood interesting in that the store is half bar and liquor store and half quilt store. The entrance in into the quilt store. Cindy didn't even buy a pattern.

Outside they have a wooden lumber jack. I thought it was kind of neat.

Tomorrow we are headed to Kennewick and are slowly heading back to Utah.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Mt St Helen

Randle, Washington           High 84 Low 56

Today we drove to see Mt St Helen,  Cindy and I had seen it before but Linda hadn't, so off we went. From our RV Park it is only about 30 miles but the roads are in such poor shape it takes over an hour each way.

There are several view points along the way where we could see the devastation caused by the eruption in 1980, almost 40 years ago.

Along the way we got to see the mountain but as we got nearer to the final stop the clouds covered most of the top.

The trees all look the same size.

One of the view points showed the difference between forest land that had been partially clear and some that had been left with the knocked over trees. It was a big difference.

On the partially cleared part all the trees were the same size and almost looked like rows.

Further along the are tun off for Spirit Lake With information about the lake. There are places on the photos that look like beaches that are actually log blown into the water back in 1980.

It was interesting to get to see the sights again (it has been about 3 or 4 years ago).

Cindy notice lots of caterpillars on certain plants, we counted 4 on one plant. I don't know what the bugs will be but they were kind of colorful.

I got one picture of Penny looking down the bank and she kept wanting to go, but I wouldn't let her. I don't have any idea what she could see or maybe smell.

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