Monday, July 15, 2019

We Are Back in Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon                 High 65 Low 59

Yesterday we drove to the Sunset Bay State RV Park near Coos Bay, Oregon. It is a nice Park but the only problem with it is that it so far off the beaten path. We were 20 miles from Bandon and 12 miles from Coos Bay. The road to Coos Bay was a lot nicer than the one we took from Bandon.

We got a few pictures at the RV Park and we took Penny to the beach. She still loves to run and roll in the sand. We had no phone or internet service at the Park, therefore the lack of a post yesterday.

Today we drove about 135 miles to the Chinook Bend RV Park near Lincoln City. Cindy and I have stayed here several times. For Linda, this was her first time in the area. We are here for 2 nights with Coast to Coast. I have to like the $5.00 per night rate (for electric). When we booked this Park, Linda got 2 nights with Coast to Coast, while I only got 1. I called the owner and he kind of remembered me and told me he could get the second night with Coast to Coast and he was as good as his word. We like this Park except the only internet is at the office but that’s better than I had last night.

This afternoon we drove through Lincoln City and on the way back stopped at a Glass making place and watched some people making glass things. They have it set up to allow tourists make their own glass objects but we declined. We don't know how much they charge but it is a lot. We looked at some of their glass objects, a glass seashell was $195.00 and one piece was over 900 dollars.

We then went to another beach to let Penny walk in the sand. The wind coming off the water was a bit cool so we didn’t stay long. Penny acted like she didn’t want to leave, but I prevailed (after all I’m a lot bigger than she is).

Tomorrow we plan on going to Newport to do some tourist things and to visit the local quilt store.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Poor Penny ... she was having so much fun!! I'm keeping track of all your park stays. I gave up my Thousand Trails membership, so it's the Elks and Coast to Coast parks for me. Not sure that Newport quilt store is still open. Let me know!!!