Monday, July 8, 2019

We Got Started

Winnemucca, Nevada

We have been loading the fifth wheel to get ready to leave for the past 2 days. Both Cindy and I noticed that Penny stayed very close to us whenever we went out to the fifth wheel.

Last night when we finished up loading and pulled in the slides, she headed for the front door of the truck and looked back at Cindy. She acted like she was afraid we were going to leave her.

This morning we got up early and started to leave and Penny was right there to get in the truck.

We left Riverton at about 6:45 this morning and headed toward Nevada. We were afraid of wind, but we had it calm all the way even though it was cloudy. This afternoon it finally got up to 80 degrees so it was a nice day to travel.

On the way to Wendover we started to see the Utah tree. It is located at milepost 25 in the salt flats. We could see it for miles before we got to it. Cindy got some nice pictures as we drove along.

Way out in the distance is the tree.

They used to let people stop and look around, but I guess they had problems, so you no longer can stop.

I don't remember how much it cost to build this concrete tree. Some artist decided a little scenery was needed on the way through the Salt Flats.

Linda is traveling in her motorhome with us, She doesn't have near the range in her motorhome that we do, so she had to gas up in Wells. I waited until Winnemucca to fuel up and really didn't need to, but to avoid the high fuel prices in California, I filled the truck. It took 35 gallons to travel 360 miles. I have had better mileage but that isn't too bad. I easily could make it 1300 miles with out filling.

Tomorrow we are headed to Westwood, California by Lassen Volcanic National Park. Then we will head on to the redwoods after staying there two nights.

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  1. My kids seem to know when a trip is forthcoming. Cooper won't get two feet from me. I saw the "tree" on my way home ... weird!! I thought it was a phone tower. Safe travels!!