Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lots of Sight Seeing

Lincoln City, Oregon          High 70 Low 57

Today we drove back to Newport, Oregon to see the sights.

Our first stop was Depoe Bay. They say it is the smallest harbor in the world (we got that from a sign). The area looks like it could have been volcanic sometime in the distant past because of all the lava rock going into the ocean.

Next we went to the northern lighthouse at Newport. We went through the visitor center and then drove to the lighthouse itself. We didn’t take the tour into the lighthouse itself but got lots of pictures. All the rocks around there were covered with thousands of birds. We didn’t see any sea lions and found out later that we were too late in the season to see them. I thought it was interesting that the tour guide was dressed in 1800’s costume.

Our next stop was the mandatory stop at the fabric store. Cindy did buy one pattern and got a free row by row pattern. She said that it was interesting that the same quilts we saw 3 years ago were still the ones hanging. Yes, Nancy, this quilt store is alive and well. There was another that closed.

We then drove to the water front hoping to see all the sea lions but found out we had to be there by June to see them. We did see two swimming in the bay. We also got to see two star fish in the water and some jelly fish.

The murky water makes this a little hard to see.

We got to see a crab fisherman pulling in his nets which is something we haven’t seen before. He told us that the Dungeness Crabs were the only ones he kept and they had to be of a larger size. He pulled in a lot of crabs, but most were red in color and he said they were Rock Crabs. Of all the crabs he pulled in, he only kept one. He let the young (and old) children throw the red crabs back in the ocean with a word of caution about their pincers. You had to hold them right or they would get you. I had the one I threw back try to get me. All the time I was holding it, Penny was barking at it.

While we were there this is the only one he kept.

Even when you hold them right, they try to get you.

Last time we were here, these platforms were covered with sea lions.

We stopped at the other lighthouse and then stopped at the Newport Café and had some good clam chowder. Cindy has noticed that every time we drove past the parking lot was full and wanted to try it. It made a good meal.

It rained for a while in the morning and then turned into a nice day.

Tomorrow we head north to Washington to another Park we have been in a few times. Astoria has another quilt store we will Have to visit.

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  1. Glad that store is still going. It's the one with all the appliqué, right? Love love the lighthouse! I could live there!! Those crab? They have to be a certain size to be legal. Seaside is the place to go for crab. They get dozens every day! It looks so nice and COOL!!!!! I'm jealous!

  2. Glad to read that you guys are out and exploring. Your skies look a little overcast. Not down here. I must admit I'm rather enjoying the park with few people in it.