Saturday, July 13, 2019

More Redwoods

Klamath, California                High 70 Low 56

Today we went south of Klamath to see more Redwoods. There is a scenic drive about 15 miles away that goes through the redwood forests with stops along the way.

We stopped at the path to the Big Tree. It is supposed to be 1500 years old, over 23 feet in diameter, and about 275 feet tall. There was a sign by it that we kind of liked that had arrows pointing the way to other big trees.

The scenic drive ended at a visitor’s center that also had different trails through the forest. On the trail we took there are many interesting trees and broken trees. I got some pictures of elk antlers that had grown into a tree.

It has been interesting to see the redwoods again.

I have also included some of Cindy's pictures from yesterday from the Lighthouse. They are late because the internet in this Park is terrible and I have no Verizon service.

Tomorrow we head further north into Oregon where we will be staying the first night at one of the State Beach Parks. 

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  1. You just can't beat the beauty of the California-Oregon Coast. The trees are just amazing. It's fascinating to think just how long they've been there!! Beautiful pictures!! I do miss the ocean!!

  2. Those are amazing trees thanks for all the great pictures, keep enjoying you travels.