Saturday, July 20, 2019

We Played Tourist

Ilwaco, Washington          High 66 Low 57

Both Cindy and I must have been tired last night, We didn't wake up until almost 8:00 this morning.

I have been under a lot of stress over the trailer but it now is repaired.

This morning we drove over to Astoria. We first went to the Astoria Column. I walked up all 164 steps to the platform at the top. We later got a pamphlet about the Column. Originally built in 1926. It has had restoration work at various times, the last being 2015. The original cost was $27,133.96. 1995 restoration, $1,000,000. Staircase replacement in 2008, $400 thousand. 2015 restoration, $700 thousand, and 2016 plaza upgrades $100 thousand.

I got some pictures from the top of the surrounding area and the Columbia River.

My truck from the top with Telephoto.
And as seen normally.

Cindy and Penny enlarged.


While we were there there was a male dance group from Portland dancing what they told us was English folk dances.

We then got a few pictures of some of the old homes of the area.

The next stop was the mandatory fabric store. Cindy was good and only bought one pattern.

As we were leaving there was a large cargo boat going by being pushed sideways by a tug boat.

We stopped at the Bow Picker Fish and Chip place for lunch (and Dinner). We found out that they use tuna for the fish part and it is very good. We Waited in line for almost an hour but it was good enough to make up for the wait.

We were going to see the Maritime Museum, but they didn't want to let Penny in in her bag, so we decided they didn't want us either.

We got a picture of us by the anchor nearby.

Another large boat.

After the Museum, we came back to Ilwaco, and drove down to the Port Market, which is held each Saturday in the Summer. It was getting windy and a lot of the vendors were closing down, so we didn't stay long. The vendors we did get to see are very good craftsmen.

This was in one of the Vendor booths.

We then drove to Long Beach to let Penny have some time on the beach. She didn't act like she liked the wind but when we got down closer to the water, she took Cindy for a run and rolled in the sand which earned her a bath when we got back to the RV Park.

This shows how rough the ocean was.

This was on the beach, kind of interesting.

It was a busy day sightseeing and Linda hadn't been here before. Tomorrow we are going to Randle, Washington near Mount St. Helen's another place Cindy's sister hasn't been.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Aww Penny .. you are so funny!!! Wow, you saw a lot in one day. I love the view from the column. They have paid a small fortune to keep it up. Ilwaco is my favorite market place and the Bow Picker ... no one makes better fish and chips!!