Friday, July 19, 2019

Good Verizon Signal And On The Road Again

Ilwaco, Washington       High 66 Low 54

The repairman showed up with the new springs at about 12:15. For ordering them Wednesday with overnight shipping, it seemed like a long time to me.

They got the trailer put together in pretty fast time. About $1450 dollars later, with the cost of a tire we finally got going. I think the repairman charged me way too much, but at least we are moving again. I think the repairman was the boss and someone really needs to educate him on customer service. When I was in business the first rule of customer service was The Customer is Always Right and rule 2 was When the Customer is Wrong, See Rule 1. He wanted me to let him chain up the broken springs and drive the Montana to his shop (about 6 miles). I had already put the whole trailer on just 2 tires to see if it could be driven and the tires bulged out so bad that I probably would have blown both front trailer tires "only going 6 Miles" so I told him I thought he could work on it there. A total of 2 hours labor and 3 trips out for only $1050.00 for 2 men. He argued with me from the first and I was sorry I let him work on it at all.

When he came out to put it together, he still complained about working on it in the Rest Stop, but I would rather be in the rest stop than parked in his gravel lot. Again, see rule 1 above.

The man that ran the rest stop was very good to us letting us stay for over 2 days and Cindy and I both thanked him a lot. He heard the repair guy complaining and he agreed with me. He told me that he would never recommend them for anything.

Enough on that. We left the Rest stop at about 1:30 and drove through Astoria going over the long Astoria bridge and arrived at the Eagle Nest RV Park at about 4:30. Three hours with stops wasn't too bad except for all the traffic through Seaside. Highway 101 isn't the straightest in the world with all the turns and small towns along the way. It is pretty country though.

We are just hanging out tonight and will do some sightseeing tomorrow with some pictures.

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  1. Nice that you finally got the repairs done, too bad about the customer service though , not very many word of mouth referrals to that place I would think. keep travelling safely and enjoy.

  2. You are in my all time favorite area! I wouldn't have let him drag my trailer that far on two wheels. Certainly you would lose the entire rig!! Glad you stuck to your guns on that one. I'm sorry it cost so much, but that always seems to be the case when you are on the road. Enjoy your time in Illwaco, Seaview and Long Beach.

  3. So happy you are fixed and on the road again. But what a jerk to have to deal with.

  4. How many of those shops get Certified is a mystery. You might have gotten out of the rest area before blowing those tires. Even if they had no blown you would have had to replace them because they would have been Overloaded. Wise call on your part.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your explorations.

    It's about time.