Friday, July 12, 2019

We Are In Redwood Country

Klamath, California                 High 69 Low 55

Yesterday I had real slow internet and I was so tired that I didn't write a post.

We drove from West wood to Klamath on a road I hope I remember to never drive again. The ups and downs were really bad when pulling a fifth wheel. All this is without all the construction we ran into, a lot of it had us stopping on hills (along with about a mile of cars and trucks). All of the stops waiting for flag cars made the trip take an hour and a half longer than it should have.

We went north of Westwood and took Highway 44, at the recommendation of the RV Park receptionist. We should have taken Highway 36 or listened to my GPS and gone to Medford Oregon, which adds 60 miles to the trip but the GPS seemed to like it better.

Cindy and I both noticed Penny with her nose in the air conditioning vent as soon as we got near the ocean. Whenever we have had her near a beach, she likes to run and roll in the sand (even if she gets a bath after). We think she recognized the smell of the ocean.

Today we took Linda to some of the Redwood Groves and a Visitor Center.

After the Redwoods we went to the Lighthouse in Crescent City. We found some star fish and other animals in some of the tide pools.

We also stopped at some of the ocean overlooks on the way back to the Trees of Mystery.

We also went to The Trees of Mystery and chose not to Pay the price to walk the trail. Instead we went into the museum they have in the gift shop and Cindy got a lot of pictures.

It was a long day of sight seeing and we came back to the RV Park tired.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. They've had a lot of repair work to do this year. Still, I love that highway. You're making me jealous with all that cool air and water!!! Can't wait to see Penny on the beach!!!