Monday, July 22, 2019

Mt St Helen

Randle, Washington           High 84 Low 56

Today we drove to see Mt St Helen,  Cindy and I had seen it before but Linda hadn't, so off we went. From our RV Park it is only about 30 miles but the roads are in such poor shape it takes over an hour each way.

There are several view points along the way where we could see the devastation caused by the eruption in 1980, almost 40 years ago.

Along the way we got to see the mountain but as we got nearer to the final stop the clouds covered most of the top.

The trees all look the same size.

One of the view points showed the difference between forest land that had been partially clear and some that had been left with the knocked over trees. It was a big difference.

On the partially cleared part all the trees were the same size and almost looked like rows.

Further along the are tun off for Spirit Lake With information about the lake. There are places on the photos that look like beaches that are actually log blown into the water back in 1980.

It was interesting to get to see the sights again (it has been about 3 or 4 years ago).

Cindy notice lots of caterpillars on certain plants, we counted 4 on one plant. I don't know what the bugs will be but they were kind of colorful.

I got one picture of Penny looking down the bank and she kept wanting to go, but I wouldn't let her. I don't have any idea what she could see or maybe smell.

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  1. 40 years. Wow. I was in Helena and we were covered with ash.

  2. Hard to believe it's been that long ago. That was a scary event that blocked out the sun at my house. I thought they tried to replant that area, which is maybe why it looked like rows?? Miss Penny is a tough little cookie ... I'm sure she could have run faster than whatever was down there!! LOL

  3. You should have posted a few pictures of the road's condition..I was there last year and it was beyond horrible, the pavement is sliding down..down ..down..Yikes!
    The view of the mountain is spectacular!

  4. The roads weren't the greatest with lots of bumps even though they had been worked on.