Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Still In Washington

Kennewick, Washington            High 84 Low 54

Sorry no pictures today

Today we left Randle early. I had an appointment to have the rear brakes on my truck worked on. One of the rotors was groved and the discs completely worn out. It has been making a noise lately and I thought of waiting until I got back to Utah but decided I better get them repaired.

It was so bad that one of the calipers had to be replaced and the total bill was $1231.  This has sure been an expensive trip.

We have friends from Yuma, Rob and Sharon Newton, that live in Richland. Rob highly recommended Affordable RV and Truck Repair in Richland. After talking to him and sending my trucks serial number he was willing to order parts and said he would work me in today. He assured me that he could get it finished if I got it to him by noon. He called at 5:15 saying he was finished.

I was totally impressed with the service I got. How many repair shops would order parts from a phone call with no deposit?

Rob and Sharon picked me up at his shop and we picked Cindy up at the RV Park, Columbia Sun RV Resort, where we are staying. We then went to lunch and went to see their home and visited for a while. We are here with Passport America and it still is a little high priced but it is one of the nicer RV Parks we have stayed in. The sites we got are pull through and are huge.

Rob picked me up when the truck was finished and took me to pick up the truck. We really appreciate what our friends did for me.

Tomorrow we are headed to Ontario, Oregon where we will stay for the night.

We are slowly heading back to Utah.

One of the readers asked about the road going to Mt St Helen. The road was so rough that Penny wasn't feeling well. She gets car sick but she still likes to be with her people.

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. It's so nice to have friends all over the states. You never know how nice they can be until they help you out in a pinch. Yup that's excellent service!! I'm glad you are back in tip top shape!!