Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Almost On Our Way

Cindy finally gave her notice at work that she will be retiring on December 28. 2012. I will be   selling my heating and air conditioning business and we will start traveling on about January 9th. I might add that Cindy is extremely nervous about retiring, but I think we will be OK. Our daughter moved into our home, so we will be "most timers".  Our first planned trip is to Quartzsite, AZ to boondock with the Boomers through the big RV tent show.  After that we want to travel to Phoenix to visit our two sons that live there.

While there we hope to visit some of the bloggers we follow.  We want to visit Yuma for a little while and hope to stay at the Escapees Park there.  We would also like to stay at the North Ranch Park in Congress

Our next big trip will be leaving Utah about the middle of May and go trough Canada and Alaska. We hope to stay in Alaska until it gets too cold, and then return to spend some time on the Oregon coast.
I forgot to mention that we live in Riverton, Utah (a small city in the southwest part of Salt Lake Valley). We had to promise our daughter we would be back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please forgive the crude look. I hope to get better at it and will try to make it look a little better. We hope to get more serious about blogging when we actually start traveling.